With Love

Since beginning my studies in Energy Medicine in 2011, I’ve worked with so many incredible humans and their animal friends and families. I feel deeply honoured to have been a part of each of their healing journeys. Below are a few of their testimonials.


Good Morning Avril, I have been meaning to up-date you.  We have come leaps and bounds, Myles is much happier and is wailing like an idiot when he is doing his hall monitoring.  He did take to his green blanket (but has been ignoring recently), he has been very well behaved when my sister visits.  We did have one incident when my niece came over and he got me again, but that was oh a month ago.  We are moving and he is allowed to come with me, since he has been behaving better and I am going with Leah* and her husband Jake*, (my wonderful son-in-law) and they have 2 cats (one is gray) so hopefully everyone will adjust and we will all live happily ever after.  A huge thank you for your help.  When we move we will use the diffuser (Leah has) to diffuse the situation and let them all adjust.  Again thanks,

Thanks for the update Avril!  Mali has been sleeping/resting and cuddling tonight so I think the meditation was helping her 🙂  I like the cards tonight btw, they are very fitting as well.  Mali has been seeming a little more calm lately when I leave my place, so fingers crossed that something is happening in that little head of hers

…So, I do have a couple of updates. One is that my Riley has been having some tummy issues. We’ve put him on a grain free diet and now he can’t eat pork either…bad gas and diarrhea So it’s back to the bland diet for the boy again, no worries, I’ve gotten his Dad on board with this, because he does care about Riley’s quality of life, as much as I do. But the second update is that Riley’s dad also said that he was in a fantastic and playful mood this mornIng-full of energy. He was even playing with a group of dogs, and often times he gets testy with groups of dogs and bigger and younger dogs. His dad noticed a change in his behavior this morning! And I truly believe it’s because of the wonderful work you are doing with him! I am forever grateful for a soul like you, Avril. Big hugs! 
P.S. Keep doing what you are doing because it’s working and we are seeing small and delightful changes that will lead to some big changes…

Hey Avril just wanted you to know how deeply touched emotionally and spiritually by reading your email after the meditation i was. And it continues whenever i read it. I think its also helping me. Thanks so much for all you are doing. With much gratitude.



Sarah died today. I think your session for told her transition. I want to thank you for all of the healing for Sarah. I know she would never have lived so long had she not had your help. I am so very very grateful for all of the strong women healers in her life. 

Merry Christmas to you Avril. xo – Kim

Roxana and Avril,

I want you both to know that my darling boy died this morning.  Mike* and I made the very difficult decision to have him euthanized due to the immense amount of suffering he was experiencing….

I would like you both to know how much the work you do means to me and of course Jake and Sarah.  I believe that your healing sessions added to his quality of life and allowed for a much more gentle decline than he would have otherwise had.  Their deaths were so very different and much more peaceful than the deaths of the other cats without this type of protocol and spiritual approach to healing.  I’m sorry I didn’t know about this earlier but I know now and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

I hope you both are well and warm.

Love to you both,

Dear Avril

Thank you for dropping in Saturday – kind of a strange greeting you got from the
“kids” indeed – nonetheless I hope it worked for you to meet them.

Thank you so much for this reading. I woke up at 4 in the morning and got up to
read it and was struck by such a deep sadness that I ended up angry with myself
for having disturbed my sleep and went back to bed full of thoughts and
concerns… something really strange happened in that process… a “softening”
came over me. I had been struggling with a friend also and suddenly I had a new
perspective and compassion for her plight – I saw our “argument” and her “attack” on me had nothing to do with me … clearly… I had new insights into the
many situations I struggle with in my family …and with that came more
compassion and understanding… and before long I was fast asleep and slept
until 9 a.m. What momma with three dog kids in her bed gets to sleep til 9? It
was a deep restful sleep….so something happened and seems to be continuing to
happen…I just try to make space for it and we’ll see, but for your work I am
very grateful….

When I took on these two adult “kids” in the fall, I was ignorant of what that
might do to the existing status of the family… But as you point
out, it had much greater impact and Kirby’s* nose rightfully was put out of
joint like crazy poor wee guy!! I can only hope moving forward that everyone can
find their place and settle more comfortably – it has been a lot of hard work
and the poor things – reading your work with them – they have all been through a
lot…..as have I.

So Avril thank you for this work that you do and I wish you well, moving
forward. My own experience has been that the way I have gained new clients is
all through word of mouth. I will certainly recommend you as you were referred
to me with high recommendation.

I wish you all the best,
Don’t hesitate to be in touch with any other thoughts or questions or anything,

Take care

About a year ago, my husband and I went to our local pet food store to purchase some more cat food for our young female cat. The Humane Society was having a pet drive and the older rough and tumble male cat lounging on the counter caught our hearts. Even his ears were torn from numerous battles and spoke volumes of his five years out on the street. The thought of sending him back to the Humane Society (and a possible untimely demise) brought tears to my eyes.

When we brought him home, he was the perfect gentleman as he allowed our young female cat (Eden) to assert the fact that this was her home and he had to listen to her. For the first month he was home, he followed “the rules” and used the litter box, wanted lots of attention, stayed inside and used the time to heal all his scratches and his callused, worn feet. He adopted his new name “Mizton” (cat in the Toltec / Mexica language) and started to come when called and would gently pat your leg when he wanted attention.

About the one month mark, our honeymoon was over. He started using our clothes, papers, plants and lots of other things as his “litter box” of choice. Since his delightful personality had captured our hearts, we decided to call on Avril, a holistic practitioner for animals, to assist in figuring out why this was happening. She first communicated with him over distance and told us that he no longer needed our “hospital”, that the litter was hard on his now tender feet and he “associates using the litter box with being a ‘prissy’ indoor cat”.

Avril then came for a house call. We sat on our back deck and Mizton was keenly interested in what she was doing. He lounged on the table watching her set up her crystals and decided to lie down on one of them. Avril’s compassionate and gentle spirit comes through when she started connecting to his energy and working on him.

We have finally come to an agreement with Mizton about his bathroom habits. When we are home, he sits by the door and we let him out to use the outdoor litter box. He’ll often come ask us to go out. Even during this really cold winter with more snow than we’ve seen in years, he kept asking to go out, would dig a hole in the snow, do his business and ask to come back in by knocking on the door.

So what pet owner doesn’t dread the appearance of fleas? Well, Mizton decided to see how we would respond to him bring a few small friends home. We immediately called on Avril, who conducted a body scan, through which her sense of humour became obvious. “The scan revealed that the fleas that are currently enjoying Mizton’s body (and they are very much enjoying it) are there to protect him. They are there as a reminder that should things not work out for him with you and Steve, he still has a home elsewhere and there are those who appreciate him and will welcome him back. There was an image of Mizton being carried off by 4 or 5 fleas to a place where he ‘belongs’. Mizton is still having doubts about his place in your home because he’s been thrown out of other humans’ homes before for his behaviour.” With this insight, we continued to work on Mizton and holistically controlled his fleas. It took a couple of months, but he and our home are flea-free and continuing to enjoy this status.

In the winter, Mizton started losing his hair on his back. We supplemented his diet with extra fish oil and vitamin oil for pets. We also asked Avril to check in on him. She communicated over distance and his “body scan revealed that Mizton is losing the hair on his back because he is ‘Shedding the past. Starting anew. Letting go of the old. Beginning again.’” It took him a couple of months, but his coat is shiny and full. Even visitors are commenting on how thick and luscious his fur has become.

He now accepts that we won’t harm him, like some other humans he encountered on his past adventures. So, Mizton is now a full-fledged member of our family, happy to be here and filled with acceptance of his new home.

In her kind, caring and soft-spoken manner, Avril gave us an understanding of what processes Mizton needed to assert his independent self while still being part of our family. In total, Avril has worked on Mizton six times and we will immediately call her back the next time he tries to tell us something that we can’t hear.

Roxana, Steve, Mizton and Eden


*Names have been changed.