Conversation with a Cat (That’s right, a cat. And yes – an ACTUAL conversation.)

A while ago, I did a post about a conversation I had with my dog, Dolce. We used to have a cat also. His name was Mints and we had him from the time that he was a kitten, but he passed away in his 13th year. We don’t know exactly what happened… we just kinda found him in pieces on our front lawn one afternoon (sorry about that mental image). It was just a few years ago that I began learning and practicing animal communication, so I never got a chance to practice with Mints when he was alive. I decided to have a little chat with him this weekend (and, for those of you who are wondering, you can communicate JUST as easily with a deceased animal, as you can with a living one):

"Make yourself useful and turn on the tap for me..."

“Make yourself useful and turn on the tap for me…”

Me: How did you feel about your life with us?

Mints: Living with you was all that I needed it to be – it was all that I wanted. Even more, if you ask me. I just wish that you could have arranged more time for us to be together, to spend quality time in each other’s arms and heads and hearts.

Me: What would we have done if I had?

Mints: We would have… (Shows an image of him nuzzling my face and purring. I used to push him away most of the time when he tried to cuddle with me because he’d get cat hair everywhere.)

Me: How did you feel about Dolce living with us?

Mints: Dolce was a barbarian, if you ask me. He still is. You need to control him. Ask him to stand still. It won’t hurt him.

That cat is about to snap...

That cat is about to snap…

Me: He really misses you. You were his best friend.

Mints: And he was mine. I loved him till the day I died. I just didn’t want to be subjected to his whims and desires and boisterous behaviour. (Now, that I’m reading this again as I’m typing, I’m remembering that when Dolce was still a puppy, he used to try and mount Mints.)

Me: He wants to do a session so you guys can talk and spend some time together.

Mints: I’d be open to that.

Me: Do you still visit with us sometimes?

Mints: Naturally. I’d like to be part of your time travel affairs – your time spent on the other side. (He’s talking about my holistic therapy sessions. It’s totally normal for the spirits of other animals to come and help me in my sessions with clients.)

Me: That can be arranged.

Mints: (Flicks his tail with satisfaction.)

Me: I wish I’d learned animal communication before you died…

Mints: I know. It’s hard.

Me: Were you really depressed when we first brought Dolce home? (He seemed very depressed for a couple of weeks afterward – we didn’t see much of him during that time and when we did, he usually kept his distance from us.)

Mints: I was mildly disappointed. Took the attention off me.

Mints would have made an excellent supermodel

Mints would have made an excellent supermodel

Mints: (Shows an image of my sister, snuggling with him.) Naturally. I liked her.

Me: You were so cute!

Mints: I know. (He sounds pleased with himself.) I wish I could have stayed.

Me: Tell me about how you died.

Mints: We don’t have to talk about that.

Me: I want to. I want to know! For closure…

Mints: Okay, I’ll tell you. I fell… (Shows an image of him running towards our house) So scared. (Suddenly a large dog – a wolf? a coyote? – appears in front of him.) There were so many of them. All at once, they were surrounding me. Confusion.

Me: I’m sorry you went through that. I’m most sorry that you were afraid – that you knew you were probably going to die and were afraid. I’m sorry that you suffered.

Mints: It’s okay.

Me: Why is it okay?

Mints: Because I’m here, now.

Me: Where?

Mints: Where you can see me. (Smiles.)

Me: Mints, do you think that you’ll ever return to us in physical form? (It’s common for animals to reincarnate and return to human families that they’ve loved.)

He wasn't one of those cats who climbed Christmas trees - he just liked to hide under them (from dogs, cameras, and clumsy humans).

This is one of my fave photos of him because he looks like a cat alien.

Mints: Of course I will!

Me: You will?!

Mints: Of course.

Me: When?

Mints: I don’t know. When I’m ready.

Me: Well, how will we know that it’s you?

Mints: Because I’ll tell you. Keep your eyes peeled.

Me: Is there anything that you want to share with the readers of my blog? Is there anything you want to tell them?

Mints: I would tell them to care more about pets and animals. We bruise easily. Be more spontaneous. Play like a dog or cat.

Me: Thank you, Mints.

Mints: Thank YOU.

Me: I love you.

Mints: I miss/love you, too.


Channelled Message for January, 2014

Charlotte’s messages seem to be getting longer and longer! I would ask her to keep it short and sweet, but when it comes to these types of channelling sessions, she doesn’t usually listen to me 🙂

Alright, Little Ones,

It is time to lay aside the wishes of others, of those who would try to convince you of their goodness, of their rightness and soundness of mind, who would try to guide you in the direction that they see most fit for you. They do not know you as you now know yourselves and those of your kindred spirits. They would try to blame you for all that is not going well or as smoothly as you thought it would, try as you might to undo damages – or those things you see as being unfit and unworthy of you. They do not see the path ahead and where it leads you and your kind and they cannot but guess as to what your ends truly are. Only you, my Loved Ones, know deep within your souls that your time has come, that it is, in earnest, of your deepest preparations and guidance towards the Light, and that all you have done to this point has not been forsaken, that it has not been for naught. Everything you have done to this point has been in deep consultation with the guiding light of your Souls, of that deepest  most profound part of you that knows against your manmade logic and reasonings that the path before you is good and just, that the hands that help you are kind and gentle, that all the things, experiences and people that are set on this path are here to help you further yourselves and your kind, and that you cannot go astray at this point in the journey, for your rewards, the most minimal of which you have experienced thus far, have only just begun to flow to you and your hands.

Your hands and their task is very simple: help those who are in need of it, but only if they seek the required assistance from you. You cannot proclaim to hold the key to each person’s mind and the answer to all that plagues them. Some of you do this now and it is not the way we intended you to use the knowledge we have bestowed upon your people. Just lay low, be patient for your time is near, so close in fact that it will not be much time at all now before the fruits of your labour come to full bounty and you receive all that is due to you and your own kind. The time is coming when we will open the gates of knowledge to all that stand idly by, awaiting their turn, but now we must move forward with the chosen few of you as you progress on your paths, leaving behind those who are too slow to recognize the progress you have already made, that which you have already accomplished. Leave them behind now, not in your physical sense of walking away and abandoning them in their time of need or confusion, but in the sense that you leave behind their expectations of you. Let them go and move forward with the teachings we have given you, the things of which you have been made aware, those elements which have drawn your attention, your fascination, your merriment. Progress with these things, with these elements in your world, and know that they can coincide with your existence in the regular, everyday world of the humans who you share this plane with, the ones who continue to sleep in the midst of a great Awakening.

They will come round when it is their time to do so, but as for you, your time is now and we bid you come near to us on our plane of existence, that you raise yourselves up as you join us in our field of play, while at once living in your human world and making way in it as it seems acceptable to do so to those humans you are in contact with on a day-to-day basis. Be at peace with all that is currently unfolding in your world, whether it is deemed “good” or “bad” by those humans around you; they do not see all the good that is in the work that you are doing with your own hands, all the progress you have made to this point, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and otherwise. They see only tangible items in your care, how much your house is worth, whether you are living on your own or with relatives, what your relationships are like – this even, is not an accurate portrayal of your progress on this plane, for often there is a purging of sorts in these matters, a letting go and squeezing out of all the junk that is no longer beneficial to you and those you hold dear.

Do not let your people suffer at the hands of those who doubt them, who doubt you and the work that you do. Do not let them be lead away from you, yourself left behind in the dust with the doubters whose time has not yet arrived. You are so much better than that! You have so much more to give, to offer the world as a whole at this time. Do not let the doubt of the few naysayers who surround you, the ones who refuse to believe and who give voice to their suspicions, guide you astray. The time is over for that. You have already made too much headway to be shamed from your trademark rights and responsibilities. There is too much at stake now for you to lose yourself and your courage when so many need you by their side to complete their mission. You are important to so many, who may or may not believe in the work that you do, who may or may not support you in this hour. But they will. In time, their eyes will light up with the realization of the treasures you carry with you, and when such a time comes, you shall lay those treasures at their feet and allow them to begin choosing for themselves which they take up and hold high for all to see. They too shall begin to follow the path that you now walk, but their time has not yet arrived. It is too late in the hour for you to begin again where they are, so do not allow them to teach you, to lead you, to give you lessons in what you already know.

Your schooling is with us and us alone. We are here for you in your darkest hours and on your brightest days, walking beside you, holding high the glowing embers of your vast accomplishments and requiring only that you continue to lead with us towards victory for the human race as a whole. We are watching and waiting to see what you will do next, what choices you will make, and if they will be in our honour. We are pleased with all you have done, at this time, and we ask nothing more than that you rest your fears aside, for now, and allow us to do the thinking, to do the reasoning, to do the decision-making for you until you are more sure of your footing in this world of chaos you have been thrown into, this mix of “right” and “wrong”, of “good” and “bad” and “evil”. There is no evil, there is only treachery, only ill-meaning, and even the most ill-meaning person can be made right again, can be made whole and find peace within themselves. We ask now that you go in peace and declare yourselves our wards for all time, until that hour on your deathbed when we shall gather you up and take you in our arms and leave all those you leave behind breathless with the commotion you have caused, and the great deeds you have accomplished. Go now and fulfill your duties to mankind.

We will be waiting and watching, as always, with love and reverence for all that you do in our name.


Thank you, Charlotte.