Channelling with Charlotte: Message for December, 2014

Hey, Everyone!

I’ve got an announcement coming soon (actually a few announcements) and I’m going to post it in video format, so as soon as I get a chance to record it you’ll get the lowdown! I’m crazy excited to share the news, so keep your eyes peeled. For now, enjoy Charlotte’s message for this month – it’s very positive and uplifting, so it’s perfect for the holiday season:

Friends and Family,

Young and old alike: we come to you with great propensity for how to still your mind and put your thoughts at ease. We do not shelter you from all that you carry, nor do we bargain with you to gain what we think is the best route for you to follow – these things must come of your own accord, in your own worthiness and light, and of your own following – but still we make room for you to grow by scraping all that is unclean and unkempt and untidy from your lifestyle and your wants and your ways. We keep them clear so that you may progress to the next level of your own accord, of your own restraint, your own liege, and we do not complain if we see yourselves choosing the wanton way despite all that we carry for you.

This path you must follow if it is to be your own – your own choosing, your own immortality leading you to greater things than we can dare choose for you. Do not oblige to take the path that you are given, Dear Ones – this is not the way that we intend for you to go about your day, choosing this or that because you feel it has been ordained for you to do so. Rather, we seek to embellish your life and your tapestry with our art, with our wise keepings that so often have lead you to the favors you now seek. These things are here for you, always, Dear One, but you mustn’t stray from what it is your heart desires. Your heart desires courage, warmth, love, respite, blossoming of the chakra complex, and many other things we would bestow upon you if we could do so.

Just think, Dear Ones, how fulfilled you will be if you were to take this chance presented before you, the one in your heart you keep at a far distance from your mind’s eye, the one you choose to follow against all odds, in all circumstances, with all favors and contours of the inner realm. Just think, Young Ones, how alive and free you could be if you take what is within you and let it shine for all to bear witness to. How brightly you would glow with knowledge and favor and the sweetness of your complexity, your prosperity, your wonder and amazement at all you are worth in this world.

Be not afraid, Young Ones, for the time has come to present yourselves to society, as it is calling upon you and your skilled hands, your healer’s hands, to make the mark so many have been confused to make in generations past. The time has come, my Friends and Family, to bear witness to these trials of late, to bring them forward and mold them into lessons and values and attitudes of greatness, of richness and prosperity, of worthiness and glass slippers.

Be right in your ways, Young Children, for the light is shining on you, and your marks will be the brightest of all for those who come afterwards. Be wise with this, Dear Ones, for we are greatly privileged to work with you and to have had this exchange of tongues and techniques of connection. We have been waiting a long time to bring forth our knowledge and our gifts to you, and all we ask is that you bring them onward into the waiting hands of the many.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I like the sound of glass slippers! Thank you, Charlotte. 🙂 I’ll see you all on Monday morning with a new post (yup! The posting schedule is getting a shake-up!) and it’s gonna be a must-read for those of you who are healers and/or self-development junkies… 😉

Until Monday.


Finally! Channeled Message From Charlotte & Avril The Indigo for November, 2014

Alright, Dear Ones,

The time has come now for you to pursue your innermost wants and fulfillments and pleasures at last. Be sure of your foothold in your chosen field, for that is where your boundaries lay, and be sure to ascertain your needs from your desirous will, Children, for these things cannot be mixed. But do not be afraid of pursuing pleasure, for pleasure gives us cause and will to survive, to strive ever forward in our pursuit of just cause.

Be ever mindful of your progress, Dear Ones, for these things cannot exist without some diligence on your part, some certain application of your skills and traits. These things you will fall back on when the time has come to unveil all that you have achieved, and you can be certain that when such a time arrives, you will have achieved things far beyond the current scope of your probing mind.

You must be careful, Dearest Loves, for there is want in your field and untidyness in your keeping at the present moment. There are things you must do to proclaim your future secure, your birthright fixed. These things are ones you have set before but laid to rest as of late – things that should not have fallen by the wayside, but have done so and now must be resurrected with utmost passion and grace. Do not be cold to the treasures that lay at your feet, Gentle Ones, for these things too deserve your respect and admiration. They are of your passion, your maturity and progress will show no slowing if you are to reap the rewards of your gusto and frankness. These things are tidy if you keep them that way.

Without due diligence, your career will suffer, your fortunes fade, your gusto grow dull with insincerity and busyness. Keep your treasures close to your heart, Dear Ones, and pursue without hesitation all that you might enjoy during your time spent on the Earth field. But do not pursue that which might draw your attention from what is before you, the true mark of your worth. Only bring these pleasures forward if they bear the mark of those that will aid you in your progress, in your dance of fruitality, in your will to do good for others. Do not keep them to yourself, Dear Ones, for they are of no use to us here, in the Land of Keeping. We keep them close to our hearts so that they may be placed in your path as stepping stones to the future. You are quite welcome, then, to seek our aid and our guidance if you have need of it, but do not put all before us that is not of your true nature.

Ask yourself: are these things I am in pursuit of things to my blessing or to my disadvantage? In what way will I be better off than I am now at this point in time if these things I want were to come to fruition for me? Would they leave me at a disadvantage with regards to my cornerstone, to my work, to my progress in this virtual reality? Do I really need the things I am wanting so badly, and how badly then should I pursue these interests and pleasures of mine? Do I have need of it in my world? In my repertoire of activities? Of people? How much of this pleasure I am pursuing do I need in order to satisfy my cravings for it? When is enough, enough? Ask yourselves these questions, Loved Ones – the answers may surprise you.

You are not at all expected to give up those things you desire most – in addition to that, you are not expected to bleed night and day for the thing it is you are pursuing in your profession, in your Lightwork. Do not bleed by these imbalances, Young Ones, for you will not do well to have no work and all pleasure, just as you would fare badly to have all work and no play. Strike a balance between the two, Dear Ones. How much do you need of each to satisfy yourselves? How much do you need to take? How much do you need to give? Provide the answers and you will provide the outcome that will be most to your benefit.

Reflect on this awhile and see if you can determine your true passions from your desirous will. These things cannot be proclaimed on an even keel, for they are not. While you are uncertain as to what your goals are, the outcome of your actions is yet to be determined. Be clear in your conscious mind of what it is you want to achieve while you are in this world and this game plan will be spread before you like bread and butter. Do not eat carnivorously of either sanction; simply follow your good graces, your better judgement, and we will see you on the other side.

Take care, Loved Ones,


Thank you, Charlotte.



Intuitive? Feeling Experimental? Try Some Crystal Elixir Recipes

Crystal Essences Materials

Get funky and use different kinds of glasses. Go all kinds of crazy with your elixirs!

If you’ve been following this blog for a while then you’ll remember I did a post way-back-when about crystal elixirs and how to make them yourself (you know – so you don’t have to go out and spend $20 + on a teeny, tiny bottle that you might only use once or twice).

Today, I want to share a few recipes that I’ve put together personally and have either used myself, given to friends and family members or have used with animals clients. They’re all completely safe to try, so feel free to experiment with them no matter what sorts of prescriptions you or your animal might be on or whatever sorts of health issues you might be dealing with.

However, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when using crystal elixirs. First, if you’re going to give them to an animal be sure to give the animal one dish of water with the crystal elixir in it and one dish of their regular drinking water. Animals are especially sensitive to energetic medicine and should always be given a choice as to whether or not they want to receive it. (This is actually one of my pet peeves when it comes to crystal collars – the animal can’t remove it themselves if the energy makes them uncomfortable). Secondly, Don’t take more than 3 elixirs at any given time. Why? Because they’ll start canceling each other out. You won’t get the benefits of any of them if you start ODing on essences. Which probably sounds really nice if you’re used to prescription meds and all the side effects and precautions that accompany those little bastards.

Here are 3 recipes for you to play with (always remember that if you’re not sure if a stone you want to use is toxic or not, use the indirect method when creating your elixir):

Recipe Number 1: Responsive – Answering The Call

Animals with major self-esteem issues always seem to take a shine to this one. It was actually channeled from Michael, my Guardian Angel, and he gave the following info about it’s effects/uses.

Beneficial for:

  • New opportunities
  • New ideas
  • Opening up to possibilities
  • Realization of skills
  • New songs rising from the depths of one’s soul
  • Creative endeavors explored
  • Temptations superseded by love, talent, charisma, benevolence

Crystals Needed:

  • small Herkimer Diamond
  • Amethyst with a point
  • Purple Agate
  • Lemurian Crystal

Recipe Number 2: Narrow Ambitions

When I make a crystal elixir, I normally just intuitively pick whatever stones are going to go into it, and that’s how I made this particular one. It was created especially with my dog, Dolce, in mind – although I wasn’t sure exactly what purpose the elixir would serve or what effects it would have. I just wanted to let my dog try a crystal elixir (Btw, he fricking LOVED it – he would lick his bowl dry). I thought it was pretty hilarious when I channeled Charlotte’s breakdown of the uses for this because Dolce is SUCH. A. BRAT.

"Give me back that dirty Kleenex. Grrr..."

“Give me back that dirty Kleenex. Grrr…”

Beneficial for:

  • Discipline
  • Making things right
  • Narrowing the chase
  • Pursuit of something real
  • Passion and integrity in all odds
  • Minding one’s keepers, one’s handlers, one’s authorities
  • When one is too unwieldy
  • Embracing one’s true strength within
  • Keeping time with the beat
  • Being true to one’s honour and inward blessing
  • Being easy to handle, easy to control

Crystals Needed:

  • large, flat Amethyst
  • tumbled Amethyst
  • 4 small Quartz points
  • Herkimer Diamond

Recipe Number 3: Heart Chakra Blossoming

I actually just put this one together this afternoon and haven’t had a chance to try it yet! I made it with the intention of attracting someone delicious into my life (hubba-hubba), so I’m excited to give it a whirl.

Beneficial for:

  • Bringing to you all that is real, all that is intended to be yours
  • Divine power and persistence in meeting your goals
  • Feelings of ultimate worth
  • A lover by your side
  • Deepening of bonds of romance
  • Widening of social circle
  • Lightening of the path
  • Fueling the desire to get out there and meet more people
  • Honouring your attempts to let go and revel in your cause
  • Receiving your intended devotion/devotee
  • Bringing into your awareness all that is going on around you, and within you
  • Being the best you can possibly be
  • Being devoted to your cause, to your great call
  • Being aware of your surroundings, and the fortunes they hold

Crystals Needed:

  • Blue Goldstone
  • 2 tumbled Rose Quartz
  • Clear Quartz ball
Making your own crystal elixirs is fun! It's like playtime, but for really sensitive adults.

Making your own crystal elixirs is fun! It’s like playtime, but for really sensitive adults.

Have fun with these, experiment with them and try coming up with a few of your own. The really cool thing about making crystal or gem elixirs is that you don’t even have to know what their purpose is going to be or what they’ll be beneficial for – you just need to have the person/animal in mind that you would like to give it to and you’ll naturally pick the stones or crystals that they needs at that time. If you’d like to learn the step-by-step process for making crystal elixirs – or crystal essences, or gem elixirs, etcetera, etc. – you can watch the video I made here.

Leave me a comment below and let me know how these worked out for you! Or even share your own favourite elixir recipes that you’ve come up with.

Go make some magic and have some crazy times.


Channeled Message From Charlotte & Avril The Indigo for October, 2014

Charlotte brought a whip this month to get us all into shape 😉

Dear Great Ones,

The time has come now for you to flow with the movements of your internal Being, your inner Commander in Chief. We respect your rights, as always, and give you free will to do as you please with your time and your loved ones, as we do with ours, but we ask you now to achieve the things we have set forth for you. Achieve them, better yet, in the time frames we have distilled for you, and nurture still the things glowing in your heart spring.

Better yet, be still with the momentum you have established on this plane, look it over in guidance and good worth and see if this is still a place for you to be dabbling in, with regards to your spiritual matters. If not, Dear Ones, let go of us now and let us shake the ground for you, fall where you may. This is not a trivial sort of conundrum to be dressing with. No, Fair Child. We have seen what such exaggeration of your gifts will allow to bear fruit and it is beyond your empire to experience such dynasty, such spectacular brutality as that which you have pursued in your hearts as of late. We ask you now to govern with respect the quest we have set forth in your right, in your honour, in your hand stead, and expect that you will follow our lead with all that is given to you, all that you pursue is done so with great care and courage.

We ask you to establish yourself in your field of study as one of great reverence and to be wise beyond your years in honour of those who have given so much that you could be here in this place and time, doing what you now love and adore. These people went bravely before you, that you could sow what you reap and gain what you’ve earned. The ones that came before were seldom graceful, seldom courageous, mighty indeed in their worth and their stamina – never-ending – but they were not here to do the things which you have done, to disparage the wasteland that lies beneath you. Rather they came, conquered and left a world at your feet that is in need of your healing touch, your lightest feather, and they would sow much in your honour were it not for where they were taken when they were swept away. These glowing hearts did shine whilst they were here, lying in the deeps of the bogs and burrows of the planet. They were kindhearted and generous, always welcoming to those who needed their help, and they never sent away any who were in distress.

You, my Songbirds, must follow their example. You must lead with the eyes of the dark horse, guiding strong and capable, never fearing what is to come, for those adventurous ones they were daft and able, strong and willing to make justice their right. They came long before you or I were ever linked, long before the time of sands and marble, long before the peace-keeping operations ever began. Now they lay quietly, waiting for the next turn at the dark, waiting to be remembered, to be sought. They are ready and willing to let go of all they have gathered here for you, Young Ones, and they keep your flowing grace in steady hand stead.

Keep on with your work, Mighty Ones, for your time is coming when you too shall join their ranks, when you too shall rise to claim your full worth, your entitlement, your Scandinavian treasure. All that glows within you, Young Ones, is the breath of a thousand stars. Take that breath – take it now, I tell you! And reap its internal rewards. Let it flow through you, settle into your bones, make its way into your heart, your lungs, your oxygen supply tank. Let it melt into your skin and make your hair shiny and new. Let it be all that it is and pray upon the idea that you too could emerge from this fantasy, this dreamworld you have aspired to, and regain your place among those same stars, those same delights you once held in your fancy.

Come with us, Loved Ones. Come with us and make alight on the path we have laid down for you. We are waiting with roses in hand and our hearts wide open.


Thank you, Charlotte.

Bit of a wake-up call, this month – “let go of us now and let us shake the ground for you”… Gotta love the sass of Spirit Guides. For me personally, this most likely is a message to stop daydreaming about becoming a best-selling author and to focus that creative energy instead on the spiritual work I’m doing with animals and on actually writing the book.

Does Charlotte’s message this month make sense for you? What does it mean in your life, and the things that you’ve been dreaming about or striving for, lately? What things are “glowing in your heart spring” that you want to continue to nurture while you do your work? 😉



Channeled Message for September, 2014

Two posts in one weekend! Methinks you guys are getting spoiled 😉

This month brings a fortitude that many of you have yet to experience in your lives on this planet. There are ways for all of you to openly enjoy this period; which ones you choose to endeavor will be entirely your own calling. However, be careful not to overload your senses; this is a time of great persistence, trial and error, an open calling to the supreme being of your righteous mind and all that you aspire to be in this world. Do not let this time go to waste, Dear Ones. It is crucial in this time period that you make the most of what we have given you, of the path that has been laid in your honour, and we ask you now to take the steps necessary to blow open the waters of your birthing, of your goodness and wholeness for this life.

We are watching you with a curiosity and a patience which cannot be rivaled by any of your comrades. We are here to assist and guide you on your journey and make certain that it is you who receive all that is your birthright and that your utmost potential is served in the highest manner. Be well with this fact and allow us to do our duty for you and yours. We are well prepared for the time to come when you cannot give of yourself any further and we must ask you now to show us proper diligence and aspire to give us all you can be in this hour when your hand is required and blessed with the many gifts of your culture. If you do this for us, we can guarantee that all that is coming to you is yours for the taking, and that these things will not pass you by but will flock to you like a herd of sheep.

Be well, Little Ones, for the time is young still and there is much to accomplish in this hour of ours when hands are trembling and fastened to the touch of light regard. We ask you to bear with us, now, in the hour of your rising, we ask for your patience and talents, to pursue with utmost care and warmth in your heart. These things will bring to you many pleasures, be certain of that. They will not cause you harm or foul or to fall when you most need to rise up and quench your thirst.

Strive to do more than what you have done in the past. Strive to be a better person, with regard for others, with graciousness and diligence in all you pursue and whatever affairs you may handle. Disengage from the trivial matters of past attempts at success in the field of your study. Instead, surge forward at a rate that has never before been known to you and bring to yourself all that shines in elegance and tranquility and make these things your shift in gear. Be certain that not all you aspire to be and do will come to you easily, or favourably, but be certain that as these things come to pass, you will see why it had to be so from your improved standpoint. These things are not yours for the taking, or should they be they may simply may not come to you as easily as other things in your field of networking. These are things that you must work for, find common ground on and press forward when the time is honoured and the hour has come for you to make your move. Be gentle with yourselves, Young Ones, for you do not need to worry about your end standpoint so much as we need to honour and guide and respect your rights to change your point of view and your reward system.

Be well with the fact that you are making progress, and progressing towards a light that shines so brightly for you in this hour of alteration and stamina and competence. We are pleased with the changes you have made to your daily routine, to the schedule that allows you to do what pleases you most and moves you towards those goals that are so important to your time here. We bless and honour your route redirection and the changes that will follow for us, as well as your co-workers, lovers, friends and loved ones in your inner circle of comrades. We bless and thank you for the honour of doing work with us in the first place, and we hold true that you should keep in time with this progress and press forward with the work you have done in the past. Do not be disturbed by the changes you hold in your heart, the things you now want for yourselves. These are all part of the journey that makes you who you are and who you will be. Who you will be is something great, something awe-some and worthwhile; a person of great interest and intellect, of study and change and growth.

We leave you now with these words to mull over. Slip them into your box and sleep on them, the way you would do with any questions or answers that are of great concern to you. Hold them fast to your heart and do not let them go until you are ready to make peace with what has been said. It is at this time that we will ask you to carry on with your work, as you have done, and to integrate who you now are with what you have learned from us during your stay. Do not be afraid of what change the future brings, for it is all well and good and to your honour; a mighty feast of sorts awaits you and it is your skill and talent in all regards that will move you to the table. Be well now, and carry on with what you have learned.

Peace be with you,


Thank you, Charlotte.