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The Art of Animal Communication

The language of animals is one that is used universally. It’s one that all of us humans know from the time that we’re born, but that we’re socialized out of as we grow and age. This is the language of telepathy.

When one reconnects to their knowledge of this language and relearns how to interact with animals, it opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for them. They become aware of abilities that have lain dormant for decades. They begin to develop a more profound understanding of the natural world. And, of course, they develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with their animal friends. Come and rediscover how to connect with animals – and the world – in a way you never imagined.

We will:

  • learn how animals communicate with each other and with us
  • discover some of the different ways we can experience telepathy
  • practice building our skills as a group and in partners
  • troubleshoot and work through communication blocks
  • learn how to enhance our intuition to receive clearer messages from our animals
    and more…

Attendees are asked to bring photos of animal friends that they live with and/or know fairly well. (Photos of crossed-over animals are also welcome/encouraged.) Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Date: Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Time: 12:00 – 3:30pm

Investment: $75

Location: Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Orchard Park, Room 350

(Ignatius/Orchard Park are located at 5420 Highway 6 North, Guelph, Ontario N1H 6J2)

An Awakening Colouring Party

Something that my own animals have tried relentlessly to teach me is how important it is to relax and just have fun – and to do it on a regular basis! I’ve begun hosting these colouring parties as a way to encourage adults to take time out of their busy schedules and play like the oversized kids that they are.

These gatherings were also dreamed up with the intention of helping Lightworkers to connect with one another and develop a network of support. If you enjoy and partake in things like meditation, psychic readings, Reiki, crystals, hypnosis, holistic and natural medicine, etc… come on out and colour with us. (The curious are also warmly invited.) Meet new friends in the spiritual community. Hang out with like-minded people. Eat some yummy snacks. Make some beautiful artwork!

If you’d like to register for this event, or have questions, please get in touch with me. Colouring supplies, snacks and beverages will be provided. (Or feel free to bring your own.)

Date: Sunday, July 15th, 2018

Time: 12:00 – 2:30pm

Fee: $10

Location: Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Orchard Park, Room 107

(Ignatius/Orchard Park are located at 5420 Highway 6 North, Guelph, Ontario N1H 6J2)