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If you have some questions, would like to register for an event or are requesting a session for your fur child, just fill in the form below. I try to respond to inquiries within 2 days or less. All new clients are required to read and fill out a Client Information Form, which can be downloaded here.


$25 /15 minutes

(There are no taxes on any of my services at this time)



3 thoughts on “Get in Touch With Me

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  2. Greetings dear Avril!! It’s Joanne here – Roxana, Steve, Mizton and Eden’s (well, Eden’s one day, I hope!) friend! I really enjoyed meeting you, and thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed being a witness to your work with Mizton. I’ve read some of your posts and find them just fabulous — they make me laugh/smile. I was wondering, though — do you have any photos of yourself with non-human animals that you could put on your website and fb page? For myself, I know that when I choose a practitioner, I often (no, always!) go with someone who has a bond with non-human animals. I also appreciate businesses that have their animal companions in their workplace. Just something I wanted to share as an idea for your promotional materials. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. Hope you are well. love and peace,
    joanne xoxo

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