Glendor The Dragon’s Channelled Message for January, 2018

Little Ones, you have been through some rough patches. The past is come to get you. You need not worry though, all is clear. The future is yours to improve upon as you see fit. Now is not the time to come to odds with one another. Now is the time to repent and rejoice, for the happy hour is near.

If you see fit, blossom into the opening of a new dawn. Be not ill at ease with your fellow henchmen (and women). They are already in the dowdy turntuff of the changing tides. They will not abandon you, nor you them, if it comes to mustering of strength.

Be prepared to sharpen your swords, dear friends. The land is soon upon us. Be prepared to sharpen your wit, your sense of clarity, for the ill-advised will soon lay upon the sand. Put all in order you do not care for, and step out onto the rock. The tide has come. Be thankful you are taken care of, and hide not in the waters deep.

Do not lessen your strengths, dear ones, do not ambush the impersonator. Be clear in who you want to represent you. Be not judgemental in the portrait of disgrace. Be wise in your retrieval of words. All will come to you, as it does to others.

Be careful, Little Ones. You have no order, but for yourselves.

I am an ambush from the Star Lords.



Glendor the Dragon’s Channelled Message for December, 2017

Children of the Light, you are supposed to summon us on your journey of aches and gains. We are there for you in times of mistrust, in times of wellness and in health, pleasure, and despair. We know this journey is not a light one of no consequence. We have come to shelter you from undue stresses and contemplations. You cannot know each strife until it is yours to bear.

We have cause for concern when our children are at unrest, at untidiness, in their workplace. Glory is yours for seeking companionship in this unchartered world. We are yours for the taking. We are strong and good and fast. We are your guardians, your Guides and Angels, and we keep you in high waters, high esteem when you need it most.

Do not despair, Little Ones, for your time is not wasted. Be glad of your upbringing, and all the fruit it bears. Be glad of your children, and your children’s children. They will reap the rewards of your making, of your standing in the shadows, slaying dragons. They will honour and restore you for all that you have restored in their world.

From dusk until dawn in mine,

~ Glendor ~

Glendor the Dragon’s Channelled Message for November, 2017

Greetings, Children. This is a time of contemplation – not of your worth, but of your sustenance. I implore you to think well on it. What have you to give? Are you a lamb led out to slaughter? Are you a poor fool with nothing of value in his wits or in his measure? 

I ask that you be merry and kind to all who you meet. I ask that you give them bravery to see you as you are, as you want to be seen. I ask that you nod your head to them when passing by. These are the people you will lay hands with, do exchanges, mind perform in all things good. 

What have you taken to cross with you? Drop it now – be done with it. It is high time for the reaping of your bounty. Leave be what you need to – your exchanges will grant your worth. You need not suffer any longer.

It is time to be a star in the night sky.

I am one in yours, 

~ Glendor ~

Glendor the Dragon’s Channelled Message for October, 2017

My Spirit Guide, Charlotte, told me that until further notice, Glendor – my Dragon Guide – is going to be the one delivering the monthly messages. Hope the rest of you are enjoying him as much as I am 😀

Glendor says…

This month, wee ones, I want you to consider all things false. They are not yours to keep and want for, still. Throw these things away fast – like lightning in a storm – and hurry to the ones who keep your favour, still.

Be kind to those who matter. They are your handlers, your brothers, your sisters, your fathers, your mothers. They are the ones who keep want of you in times of need, of distress. They are your chosen few, the ones who desire your keeping in times of night and dark. The ones who keep you, still, after all you have been through.

Look to them now, in your time of delight, of conquest, for direction and afterthought. Be they mighty or green, they will want what is best for you in all your endeavours. Keep to them your pride, your anguish, your terrible regrets. Sing to them of your praises, your diamonds, your charitable works. Know no demons; let troubles pass you by. It is a dying grace to be with the splendour of elders.

Keep want in your heart of these things and let time sing your praises. This is all I want for you. Let it matter.

~ Glendor ~

Thank you, Glendor!



Channelled Message for September, 2017

Glendor, my Dragon Guide, makes his second appearance in a row as the deliverer of the monthly message:

Alright, Little Ones, the time is nigh for you to reap what you sow. Look around you at all that you have accomplished. All that you have given. Is it enough? Do yourself a favour and be glad for what you are worth. Be happy that you are now the beholder of your own fortune, the bearer of your own tides. You are not who you used to be.

The time is nigh for you to come forth from your dungeon – whatever that may be – and bring forth all that you know, and all that you are worth. Keep your silver linings playbook at hand, and you will move mountains with those esteemed values of yours.

Do not sacrifice yourself to save others. Do what was done before you and plea with the landscape of all Great Ones that they make amends for you. Ask them to bestow on your loves ones what you yourself have tried and failed to do. Ask that they give to others what you yourself have fought for.

This will be their doing.

I am a mountain of my own worth,

~ Glendor ~

Thank you, Glendor.