Make Crystal Essences for You and Your Pets

If you’ve ever wanted to try Energy Therapy with your animals, I can’t think of a easier way to do so than by introducing your little – or large – ones to crystal essences. A crystal essence is water that holds the healing properties of particular stones/crystals/minerals/gems, but does not necessarily contain their ingredients. You can’t OD on an essence, and if you use an essence that isn’t beneficial for your particular concerns then it simply won’t have any effect at all. This makes crystal essences safe to use – even if the animal or human who they’re intended for is especially ill, or is on prescription meds. Some of my clients have told me that after giving their pet a bowl of water with crystal essence in it, they’ve actually watched the animal sit there and drink the bowl completely dry – in one sitting. (Gotta love when animals prove that energy work works.)

Essences are fun and very easy to make. On top of that, the possibilities for stone combinations are practically endless. Below, you’ll find directions to safely creating crystal essences for yourself and your animals.

Choose your crystals:

This is actually much easier than you might think. I usually tell my clients to just choose the stone or stones that their eyes drift to. Keep your intentions for the essence and what you want to achieve with it in mind when selecting crystals and the right ones will draw your eye to them, naturally.

Clear your crystals:

To ensure that the essence is made using crystals that are purified, leave your selected crystals in sunlight or by candlelight for a couple of hours. This clears away any unneeded energies that the stones might have picked up.

Just a drop or two of essence water is enough to energize a glass or bowl of drinking water.

To make the essence:

You will need a clear or coloured glass bowl or drinking glass (Personally, I sometimes use wine or even shot glasses).

Direct Method:

Place the cleared crystals you’re using in the bowl or glass, if you’re certain that they’re nontoxic. Fill the bowl/glass with spring water and make sure that the water level rises completely above the tops of the stones. and place outside with a plastic film covering the top (so no bugs or dirt/debris settle in the water). Alternatively, you can place the bowl or glass in a window indoors in the sunlight. Leave the bowl and crystals in the light for 2 to 4 hours.



Indirect Method:

If you’re using stones that are toxic or especially fragile (for example, Selenite is a stone that dissolves when placed in water), then use this method instead. It’s just as effective as the direct method.

Place the crystals of your choice in a small glass container (this is where shot glasses can come in handy).


Then place that small glass inside of a larger glass bowl or drinking glass. Pour the spring water between the two glass containers so that it doesn’t actually touch the stones. Once again, make sure that the water level is above the tops of the crystals. Set the glass containers and crystals outside in the sunlight, or inside in a sunny window for 2 to 4 hours.



Side Note: I often refer to the Hibiscus Moon Toxic Crystals and Stones List, as well as any crystal books I have on my shelves to determine if the stones I’m using are toxic or not. It’s always best to check multiple resources. If you’re still not sure about the toxicity of the stones you’re using, simply use the indirect method to make your essence. (Tip: Citrine, amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz are all known to be safe and nontoxic.)

After the 2 to 4 hour period, remove the crystals from their glass containers using a clean spoon (avoid putting your fingers in the essence water – this could compromise its energy), rinse the crystals off and pat dry.

You can either pour all of the essence water directly into your pet’s drinking dish or a drinking glass for yourself, or you can preserve some of the essence and use just a small amount at a time.

If you want to preserve some of the essence for future use, pour the essence water into a freezable container and place in your freezer. When you want to give your pet some of the essence, take the container out of the freezer, allow it to thaw just enough that you can pour a few drops into the animal’s water dish, then reseal the container and place back in the freezer. Alternatively, you can also pour the essence into an ice cube tray, freeze it, and just give the animal an ice cube at a time.

When offering an essence to an animal, always give them a bowl of regular water alongside the dish of water that has the essence in it. It’s important to allow pets to choose when they receive crystal energy.

Crystal essences can be helpful with all kinds of issues, whether they’re physical illnesses and ailments, or mental and emotional concerns. There are many different resources online and in books for determining which issues certain crystals can be beneficial for. A couple of my favourite books are “Crystal Prescriptions: The A-Z Guide to Over 1200 Symptoms and Their Healing Crystals” by Judy Hall, and “Crystal Healing for Animals” by Martin J. Scott and Gael Mariani.

Crystal essences can be beneficial for all living beings, not just humans and domesticated animals. Try offering some to the wildlife by putting a couple drops of essence in the bird bath in your backyard. You can even use these essences to water your plants – try it and see how it changes the way that they grow and bloom.

Have fun making the essences and experimenting with the different possibilities.

Glendor the Dragon’s Channelled Message for May, 2018

Glendor is one of my Spirit Guides who I often turn to when I need assistance with a session, or just life in general. He also happens to be a dragon! The following is his monthly message for all of us. If you’re reading this, then his message is meant for you:

Photo of Glendor soaring through the clouds, courtesy of Roxana Roshon.

My Little Ones,

You are to be watched. Your gravity-defying feats amaze you – and us. We are your playmates, here to guide and protect. We cannot fodder any longer. You are at a crossroads. You can go no further, unless you mark the way. Mark it now.

The times are changing faster still. You have been a sloth, of late. Do not fall into your coattails, and wait until the next wave catches you. You must gain strength. You must plunge forward with all the zest of a trailblazer.

The world is watching/waiting for you. It is your time now. We are a movement of peace and ordinance. Wherever you go, we shall go. This is the right time for you to make a move. Do not let it be your last. You must surrender to the flow of all that is within you, all that is above you.

You can go now. It is as we have spoken.

~ Glendor

Glendor the Dragon’s Channelled Message for April, 2018

The past couple of months have been cray-zay! Not only did I not get my newsletter out, I didn’t even get a chance to channel Glendor’s message for March. Here are his words of wisdom to all of us for April:

Thank you to Ivor for this beautiful drawing of Glendor!

Let’s settle. Let’s lie down quietly and bask in the glow of our wonderful achievements. It’s all said and done, now. It’s time to relieve ourselves of a little something called ‘insecurity’. You need not desire to make amends to your efforts, at this time. As it were, you are the shapeholders of your own steed and grace. 

We come to you as countless few who have danced in the light of the doorway. It is we who came to you to guide you and shape what destiny has in store for us all. 

You need not worry, Dear Ones. We will guide you on your path. It is set. It is a stone’s throw away from the olive branch. We guide you and we are with you, when all seems troublesome and murky. 

This is a time of high spontaneousness. The shallows are meeting the deep. The seeds have come to fruition. (Glendor extends his wings.) The night – and day – is ours. Now go, Little Gentle Beasts. Go where the wind takes you.

~ Glendor 

A State of Allowing

I have to thank my mom and dad’s cat, Khan, for the idea behind this month’s blog post. I channelled his message before deciding what to write about, and after hearing what he had to tell everyone it was just so obvious that this is what the major theme has been lately, for many of us. Kudos, Khan.

The past couple of months, I’ve begun to notice that the one thing that really ruffles my feathers about living on this planet is the fact that nothing is for certain and there is such a lack of understanding attached to… pretty much everything. We don’t know how difficult our finals for school are going to be. We’re not sure if the boss is going to give us that promotion we’ve been working so hard for. We have no idea when our life partner is going to show up (or if we really will be with them for life)… There are just so many questions left unanswered, and so few clues that the Universe seems willing to give us.

Book cover for Alyson Noel’s “Evermore” – the first in “The Immortals” series. If you’re interested in past lives, reincarnation, the law of attraction, the akashic records, etc., give this YA series a read.

I remember reading a quote in “The Immortals” book series, by Alyson Noel, a few years ago that went something along the lines of “Life isn’t an open-book test”. Reading it made me realize that it doesn’t matter how skilled the intuitives and practitioners who I seek out for answers are; it doesn’t matter what questions I ask when I’m channelling with my Spirit Guides, or how I word the questions when I’m pulling oracle cards: there are just some things we’re not allowed to know.

Admittedly, there are still times when I have difficulty accepting that, as humans, we’re not omniscient. It would just make life here on Earth so much easier if we knew what to expect and when! We would know how hard to study for those exams. We would know whether or not to go ahead and put in an offer for our dream house. We would know when to start shaving our legs on a regular basis and buy some lacy new underwear. It just doesn’t seem fair to be so often left out of the psychic loop.

However, because we can’t change the rules that the Universe has laid out, we might as well work on our ability to just let things unfold as they will. And, admittedly, it feels good to give up the stress of trying to control everything and to figure out all of the answers before they’re ready to be revealed. It feels good to stop trying to force a particular outcome and just be present and experience a state of total allowing. When we do manage to live in the moment and give up control to the Universe, issues and concerns can resolve themselves much more gracefully and easily than when we’re in a rigid state of struggle and manipulation.

It’s normal, even for a Lightworker, psychic or intuitive, to feel anxious about certain events, people or situations, or maybe even a little miffed at the Universe for putting them in one’s path in the first place without making one privy to their purpose and outcome. Even those who provide spiritual guidance to others and are almost constantly connected to the unseen still experience doubt, worry, fear, sadness and anger over not being given all of the answers. None of us get to see all of what the future holds and it sucks. Personally, I’ve shaken my fist at the Universe multiple times in the past couple of months, due to some things just not turning out the way I wanted them to. I too am working on my ability to trust in the Universe and it’s plan.

There definitely is a plan – there’s no doubt in my mind that there is an intricate, elaborate, master plan for each of us and the time that we spend here. I suppose, for the sake of adventure and learning, we just won’t understand it in full until we turn that final page in our life story. And we can learn to be okay with that.



Glendor The Dragon’s Channelled Message for February, 2018

This month’s message from Glendor is fairly short, but personally I’m still amazed at how relevant it is. Anyone else experiencing insights with Glendor’s words, at this time?

Dear Fine Ones,

Your wisdom and bright gregariousness has esteemed you in many counts. All your tokens of gold and diggings are now yours for the favour. Keep them and count them wisely. Their acts will soon follow.

You too may be of service to those around you, those in question or in high value. Do not be afraid to share with them. They are your allies, your respite, in case of intrusion. Their words will mark your heart and keep you open and true. 

Be at peace now, Gentle Ones. The time has come for you to open your wings and sail the mighty skies.

Your’s truly and dearly,