Glendor the Dragon’s Channelled Message for April, 2018

The past couple of months have been cray-zay! Not only did I not get my newsletter out, I didn’t even get a chance to channel Glendor’s message for March. Here are his words of wisdom to all of us for April:

Thank you to Ivor for this beautiful drawing of Glendor!

Let’s settle. Let’s lie down quietly and bask in the glow of our wonderful achievements. It’s all said and done, now. It’s time to relieve ourselves of a little something called ‘insecurity’. You need not desire to make amends to your efforts, at this time. As it were, you are the shapeholders of your own steed and grace. 

We come to you as countless few who have danced in the light of the doorway. It is we who came to you to guide you and shape what destiny has in store for us all. 

You need not worry, Dear Ones. We will guide you on your path. It is set. It is a stone’s throw away from the olive branch. We guide you and we are with you, when all seems troublesome and murky. 

This is a time of high spontaneousness. The shallows are meeting the deep. The seeds have come to fruition. (Glendor extends his wings.) The night – and day – is ours. Now go, Little Gentle Beasts. Go where the wind takes you.

~ Glendor