Glendor The Dragon’s Channelled Message for February, 2018

This month’s message from Glendor is fairly short, but personally I’m still amazed at how relevant it is. Anyone else experiencing insights with Glendor’s words, at this time?

Dear Fine Ones,

Your wisdom and bright gregariousness has esteemed you in many counts. All your tokens of gold and diggings are now yours for the favour. Keep them and count them wisely. Their acts will soon follow.

You too may be of service to those around you, those in question or in high value. Do not be afraid to share with them. They are your allies, your respite, in case of intrusion. Their words will mark your heart and keep you open and true. 

Be at peace now, Gentle Ones. The time has come for you to open your wings and sail the mighty skies.

Your’s truly and dearly,


Happy World Animal Reiki Day!

Today is a special day indeed, as enlightened animal lovers everywhere are celebrating World Animal Reiki Day. The day was initially tagged as such by SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association), and every year there are events and demonstrations organized by the association to help raise awareness of Reiki and its benefits for pets.

Everyone has innate healing abilities so, even if you haven’t received Reiki training, you can still celebrate Animal Reiki Day and do some energy work with your animals.

If an animal doesn’t like to be touched (like Khan, here!) channelled energies can be sent from a distance.

Channelling healing energies (which is essentially what Reiki is) is actually very easy. When I’m working with an animal who has a chronic condition, is nearing the end of life, or is recovering from some sort of trauma and needs energy work on a consistent basis, I’ll suggest that their human use the technique below in between my sessions. Bonus: you can do the following regardless as to whether or not the animal is physically present:

  1. Get comfortable – sit down, or find a comfortable standing position – and make sure that the palms of your hands are facing up and are open. Try not to lie down, though (chances are, you’ll end up falling asleep as you become more relaxed). Being uncomfortable can interfere with your concentration and thus, your ability to channel.
  2. Imagine that the Universe itself is sending you Love energy. If you like, you can imagine that this energy is streaming down from the sky in the form of a beam of light and that it’s entering your body through the top of your head (your Crown Chakra).
  3. Now imagine that the Love is moving down through you and is pouring outwards from every cell of your body.
  4. Know that this energy is flowing to your pet, whether they’re right in front of you, or are many miles away. Know that the Love from the Universe is reaching them and that if they choose, they can accept the healing that it brings.
  5. Continue to channel the energies for as long as you want. When the animal has received all that they’re able to, the flow will slow down and stop. There’s no end to the Universe’s supply of energy, so you can channel for as long as you need to.

One of the fascinating things about channelling healing energies for others is that anytime you do so, you yourself receive some of the energies as well.

Use this technique as often as it feels good to you. Try it today in honour of World Animal Reiki Day!

Give your little monsters a squish for me.