Glendor The Dragon’s Channelled Message for February, 2018

This month’s message from Glendor is fairly short, but personally I’m still amazed at how relevant it is. Anyone else experiencing insights with Glendor’s words, at this time?

Dear Fine Ones,

Your wisdom and bright gregariousness has esteemed you in many counts. All your tokens of gold and diggings are now yours for the favour. Keep them and count them wisely. Their acts will soon follow.

You too may be of service to those around you, those in question or in high value. Do not be afraid to share with them. They are your allies, your respite, in case of intrusion. Their words will mark your heart and keep you open and true. 

Be at peace now, Gentle Ones. The time has come for you to open your wings and sail the mighty skies.

Your’s truly and dearly,