The Lightworker’s Path is a Long, Long Road

There have been A LOT of bumps in the road, lately. Not just for me, but for many of the people in my circle of intuitives as well. There have been setbacks, delays, emotional ups-and-downs, misunderstandings and miscommunications to spare, and it all begs the question: If it’s our job, as Lightworkers, to help move the planet forward and make this world the best it can possibly be, why does the Universe make it so damn hard for us?????

It feels as though we’re constantly being tested by the spiritual powers-that-be as to how badly we want something, or just what we’re willing to do in order to reach our full potential as healers. We’re no strangers to struggle and disappointment, and feeling downright exhausted. Sometimes it can feel as though life itself will just continue on like this – as though there will always be some sort of major challenge we have to face, no matter what spiritual level we master or how enlightened we become.

Yes, a Lightworker’s path is no stroll through the park, and all of these roadblocks can make a person feel like the Universe doesn’t want them taking this route, after all.

So, again, we have to ask, WTF?!

The thing that I’ve drawn from it is this: People who are meant to do extraordinary things in this world have to be extraordinary people. They have to know how to handle difficult situations. They have to be capable of doing whatever it takes in order to fulfill their dreams. They have to be tough. We’re tested by the Universe not because the Universe needs to see what we’re capable of, but because we need to be made aware of it. The tests are the Universe’s way of toughening us up, and demonstrating to us that we can handle whatever it throws our way.

In other words, Lightworker’s have a lot of challenges tossed at them throughout their lives so that saving the world won’t seem like that big of a deal.

And no matter what happens on your route, always keep in mind that we’re in all in this together. (Insert Ninja-Turtles-worthy theme song for Lightworkers here.)