Glendor the Dragon’s Channelled Message for November, 2017

Greetings, Children. This is a time of contemplation – not of your worth, but of your sustenance. I implore you to think well on it. What have you to give? Are you a lamb led out to slaughter? Are you a poor fool with nothing of value in his wits or in his measure? 

I ask that you be merry and kind to all who you meet. I ask that you give them bravery to see you as you are, as you want to be seen. I ask that you nod your head to them when passing by. These are the people you will lay hands with, do exchanges, mind perform in all things good. 

What have you taken to cross with you? Drop it now – be done with it. It is high time for the reaping of your bounty. Leave be what you need to – your exchanges will grant your worth. You need not suffer any longer.

It is time to be a star in the night sky.

I am one in yours, 

~ Glendor ~