Happy Halloween!


It’s Halloween night! Every junk food addict’s favourite time of year 😀

This year, I decided to hand out healthy treats – homemade popcorn. My friends and family always ask me to make this popcorn whenever I host gatherings. It’s so addictive! And it is quite healthy, too. Here’s the recipe, below:



The Best Ever Homemade (Vegan) Popcorn 


  • air-popped organic popcorn
  • extra light-tasting olive oil
  • himalayan pink salt


  • Air-pop a big bowl of popcorn.
  • Add the olive oil, one over-flowing Tbsp at a time. 🙂 Make sure to pour the spoonfuls of olive oil all over the popcorn – not just in one spot.
  • Mix REALLY well.
  • Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix….
  • Add the himalayan salt, to taste.
  • Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix….
  • You’re done!

Happy Halloween, everyone!