Glendor the Dragon’s Channelled Message for October, 2017

My Spirit Guide, Charlotte, told me that until further notice, Glendor – my Dragon Guide – is going to be the one delivering the monthly messages. Hope the rest of you are enjoying him as much as I am 😀

Glendor says…

This month, wee ones, I want you to consider all things false. They are not yours to keep and want for, still. Throw these things away fast – like lightning in a storm – and hurry to the ones who keep your favour, still.

Be kind to those who matter. They are your handlers, your brothers, your sisters, your fathers, your mothers. They are the ones who keep want of you in times of need, of distress. They are your chosen few, the ones who desire your keeping in times of night and dark. The ones who keep you, still, after all you have been through.

Look to them now, in your time of delight, of conquest, for direction and afterthought. Be they mighty or green, they will want what is best for you in all your endeavours. Keep to them your pride, your anguish, your terrible regrets. Sing to them of your praises, your diamonds, your charitable works. Know no demons; let troubles pass you by. It is a dying grace to be with the splendour of elders.

Keep want in your heart of these things and let time sing your praises. This is all I want for you. Let it matter.

~ Glendor ~

Thank you, Glendor!