Hakuna Matata, as the animals say…

BagheeraWe all know the kinds of effects that stress can have on our bodies – headaches, muscle tension, digestive issues, just to name a few. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that their stress can also have a dramatic impact on their pets. Animals always seem to be aware when their humans are stressed aboutsomething. Has your cat ever walked across your keyboard right when you were in the middle of typing up an important email? Has your dog ever started barking or become especially playful while you were watching a tense scene in a movie? Animals. Just. Know.


Painting is one of the things that mellows me out.

And because animals are as sensitive and as intuitive as they are, it’s not uncommon for them to develop health issues due to living with stressed out humans. This is why it’s so important for us humans not just to treat the physical symptoms of our stress, but to address the stress itself. It might mean refusing to bring work home at the end of the day, taking up a yoga practice, going for walks in nature, or…. spending more time with our animals!

For about 4 years I was working full time in a jail (talk about stressful environments!) and this past June I finally left my job to do what I really love – working with animals and their humans to help them live the healthiest, happiest lives possible. For me, leaving my job was something I had to do not just for myself – it was also in the best interests of my animal friends.

I’ve heard more than a few people make the comment that some stress is good, or “You need a little bit of stress in your life – it’s healthy“. Well, I for one never feel as good when I’m stressed out as I do when I’m at peace. And you know what? The animals agree.




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Channelled Message for September, 2017

Glendor, my Dragon Guide, makes his second appearance in a row as the deliverer of the monthly message:

Alright, Little Ones, the time is nigh for you to reap what you sow. Look around you at all that you have accomplished. All that you have given. Is it enough? Do yourself a favour and be glad for what you are worth. Be happy that you are now the beholder of your own fortune, the bearer of your own tides. You are not who you used to be.

The time is nigh for you to come forth from your dungeon – whatever that may be – and bring forth all that you know, and all that you are worth. Keep your silver linings playbook at hand, and you will move mountains with those esteemed values of yours.

Do not sacrifice yourself to save others. Do what was done before you and plea with the landscape of all Great Ones that they make amends for you. Ask them to bestow on your loves ones what you yourself have tried and failed to do. Ask that they give to others what you yourself have fought for.

This will be their doing.

I am a mountain of my own worth,

~ Glendor ~

Thank you, Glendor.