Channelled Message for August, 2017

Glendor the Dragon visits with us to deliver this month’s message.

Glendor says…

Keeping in time with the momentum of your pace, the space around you is altering at a rapid rate. To curb the urge to reward yourself with boundless pleasures, let momentum keep its pace and let others keep in time with theirs.

You shall not suffer ills if you do not engage in unjust behaviours. Let these be a warning to you and to all who dare portray them. It’s a dragon’s fare to watch the tower and keep it safe. Let those who conquer destroy what is theirs and keep yours in the hands of the keepers.

We are destined to set sail again, you and I. We are destined to be sailors in this land of umpteen desires and shadows and whispers. Keep your head on straight, and don’t believe that what they tell you is true.

You are the passenger on this train heading into waters of the deep variety. Let me sail you away. Let me be the wings that lift you up, that hold you afloat, even when your ship is sinking. Let me be there for you even in times of stress and great need. Let me be your carrier, your warfare, your ticket to salvation.

We can do this together, you and I. You have my word on it. 

I am Glendor. Hear me roar.

~ Glendor ~


Thank you, Glendor.




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The Language of Animals

The language animals use is one that we all use from the time that we’re in the womb. It comes to us as naturally as breathing, but is something that we’re socialized out of as humans by our caretakers. The language, one that is spoken and understood by all living beings, is that of telepathy. Even though most humans forget early on how to communicate telepathically, it’s a skill and an ability that anyone can relearn at any age.

Convo with Khan

“Let’s have a chat, shall we?”

When I began relearning to speak to animals, it opened up a completely new world for me. It felt like all of my suspicions about magic being real were suddenly confirmed and anything was possible. One of my biggest realizations was how alike animals and humans really are and, as a result, I started to look at my pets in a completely new way. I’ve always loved my non-human friends but being able to have in-depth, meaningful conversations with them helped me to recognize that their range of emotions is every bit as complex as that of a human. It helped me see that they too have conflicting desires and needs, and helped me understand the depth of their feelings for their human families. It enabled me to view animals in the same light that I view my fellow humans.

When a person relearns how to talk to animals, one of the biggest side effects is that they begin treating them with more respect, dignity and compassion. They come to realize the importance of all species on this planet. And that’s what the world needs more of – people who understand and appreciate animals for the intricate, intelligent, sentient beings that they are. The world needs more people who see that animals have just as much right to live on this planet as we do and that they deserve to have their needs met, too. We need more people who realize that the existence of the human race depends on the continued existence of the non-human races.

We need more people who are willing to relearn how to converse with animals.



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