Channeled message for May, 2014

Dear Enlightened Ones,

The time has come now for you to open your eyes and behold all that is within your grasp. Things are blossoming now in your precious world and we ask that you keep up with your cultivated tendencies and pleasurable acts of kindness and intent.

We do see a pattern emerging among you, who are to be the leaders of tomorrow: we see a despondency developing in the folds of your weakness. Things that you might feel shameful about, things that no longer please you as they once did – these are coming to a close for now. Let them pass and be gracious in your departure from their world and their bearings. More will come to you now that you have allowed us some releasing of these old pleasures and we reckon that it will not be long now before your true nature leads you to greener pastures, pulls you forth from your little hut where you have been hiding and begs you to step out and see all that is before you now that you have freed yourself from tidings of your past. These things are not woeful or scorned in any way by our kind, for they were right and good in the appropriateness of their standing, but now it is time to say goodbye, bid adieu, and leap forth to the discovery of what your heart truly does desire. What do you want out of life? Who do you want to share it with? What will you do once you have achieved everything your heart calls you to conquer? These are questions you must ask yourself, Beloveds, for the answers are not easy – nor are they meant to be.

When we say, “not easy”, what we mean by this is that the answers may lead you to question decisions you have made throughout your history – the choices and guffaws that have led you to build the station which you now employ or master. These are not easy things to face, for we know well, right and true, that one bad decision can cause us to let go of everything, correct? Not so, My Children. Not so. Just the opposite is true. When we make decisions based on intent and desire for feeling, we ultimately create what works best for us in the long run. This too applies to job positions, status in a league of many, odd games and activities that fill our time and our preoccupied minds with engagement and joy. All of these areas require our due diligence. They require a yearning or a programming of sorts that we listen to our instincts and follow whatever is calling us in each particular moment. When we do this with gusto, it is then that we impart knowledge, wisdom, advice of the soul to others in their own wanderings or confusion, in their own expectations, their own rights and responsibilities. It is then that we allow ourselves to become leaders of a tribal nature, summoned by God, and allowed to expand, irrevocably into the outer reaches of the Universe.

So why pursue these things which your heart is calling you to do? You see, My Dear Children of Light and Glory, it is we who are reaching out to you, in your softened states of awareness, in your gentle slumber, in your quiet wakefulness. It is we who call you to do and grow and expand on these parts of yourself and ask that you put forth all your blessings for the world to enjoy. It is not right and not fair that you should seek to keep these mentionings, these whispers of your intelligence all to your own lonesome self. No, these gifts are meant to be shared with others who will delight in their extravagance and come to tell all what they have seen and heard from you. And the message will spread of your greatness, of your loving heart, of your wisdom and teachings. And all who are meant to hear it will come joyfully, bringing with them their own tools for growth and development, and together you will reign like the kings and queens of another world.

Jump for joy because the moment has arrived when all that you can be can be fully expressed through your work and your play. You are one and the same person – your business, your teachings, your networking skills… All of this comes to the forefront now and bears weighting on your persona and how the world will accept and deliver you. So rush up to meet them! Rush up to meet your deliverers and your students and your peers! They can’t wait to see you and see what you have to offer them. They are as excited to begin as you are to start with the work that you are doing. Do not hesitate any longer – pull ahead and get to it. These things will not do themselves. If you need a kick of the boot, let us know, we will be all too happy to provide it for you. Do not flounder in the mirrors of your past achievements. They are a testament to a small degree of your capabilities, but in no way are they a measurement of what you might achieve in future endeavors if you stick to your guns and follow through with your intentions of late.

Be warm, Little Ones, for we are here to provide whatever it is that you need to be at peace in this world. We will not allow you to run astray. Follow your heart’s calling and it will guide you to things you only imagined could be real. We will provide for you a path to the achievements and accolades that have beckoned you since birth, and we ask you now that you put aside these musings of right and wrong stances and interchanges, and simply allow us to guide you forward on this new path, this new venture, this rising bid in your stomach that presses and presses and won’t let go until the deed is done and well on its way to nourishment.

We cannot stress the importance of being earnest with yourself and your desires and why you want the things you do. We cannot begin to tell you of all the achievements that have passed by many a human because they were not true to themselves and their inner workings. We can only hope to stand by and allow you to do as you do until it is us you turn to for certainty and following. We can provide you with all the guidance in the world, but it is nothing if you turn from us when you are feeling frightened or weak or upset or confused. Please do not feel afraid of what the future may hold – it is only the beginning and there is much more to come than you can ever imagine.

Present yourself to the world and the world will dream up a future that is full of the possibilities that now blossom in your heart. The world is an adventure waiting to be had, so go do it. Be it. Believe it. Achieve it. We will do the rest that is required in getting you to your newfound station. Be blessed, Young Ones. Do not disappoint and wait to burn out at the end of the rope. The world is awaiting your presence. Go and present yourselves to them. If you do this, we can promise you that all will fall into place for that which you desire most in this world and at this time.


Thank you, Charlotte.

Charlotte’s message for this month resonates with me on a such a deep level! I’ve been debating about beginning some writing, and putting it out into the world, but with this guidance from Charlotte I now feel like it’s time to just go ahead and do it and stop worrying so damn much.

What about you guys? How does Charlotte’s message fit with things that you’re trying to develop and things that you’re ready to leave behind? What is your “new venture”?


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