Channeled message for March, 2014

Eeeeek! It’s been a long time since I last posted! Here’s the channeling session for the month of March:

My Dear Ones,

The time has come for you to embrace your true callings. These things, these paths that you have chosen are only those that can help you so far along your way. You must turn at some point in this period – make a fresh start of it and choose a new way to travel. For those of you who have not yet done this, now is the time to step forward and lay claim to your throne. It is your nature to do so with earnest intent and deliberate motive, to make quick and guide easy to the parting of these oceans that stand in your way.

It is time now to move forward of your own accord. We can grant you further access to the realms of the unspoken word, the healing truth, the Light that resides within All also resides within you. It is your duty, your responsibility to take these matters into your own hands. Lay down your weapons, pay homage to those who have come before you.

The time is now to strike your graces upon those who would not see you for your true worth, your immortal soul, be they not willing or compliant with the plans we have set before them in their time here. This is not your concern. You need only concern yourselves with the glowing light that is in your heart of hearts, the true calling to which you feel yourself beckoned. Go forth, like the hands that form a steeple. Rise ever upwards and onwards and we will be there to collect you when you have great need or questions that need answering.

If you fail in our request of your Divine nature, we will not be granted the joy that should accompany such fulfillment of our promises to you and yours. We would be blessed and honored to present these things to you, in full bounty, on the day you claim heir to the palace of your creations. You have done such marvelous tasks that require coaxing, and trying periods of duress and failure you have suffered through. Well, no more of these things, Dear Sweet Ones. These things are through for you and your kind. Leave them behind in the world you are stepping out of. The Light beckons you from above and it asks only that you endure with grace those things that it places in your path. These things are not wholesomely tiring like others that have preceded them – they are only here for your education, the progression of your spirit’s cause in this world. All things must start out this way, with some fortitude, a little leveling, and then upper advancement. These challenges are laid at your feet with great wealth in stride of them and their accomplishments. If you choose to follow where we are leading you, you will not fall astray.

Remember, the heart is a wary item – wary of its true nature, its deepest thrills and desires and its secret yearnings. You must be master of all that is in your heart. If you do not follow the laws of simple magic, of attracting what you want and need, then what else can be done to aid you in your journey here? You certainly don’t expect us to pull out all the stops and come there in the flesh and drill you on what it is you should and shouldn’t be doing, now do you? No. You cannot expect these things. You must pay close attention to us and the subtle messages we send to you. These things are of no little value. Their odds are great in welcoming you to the land of all you have forgotten, and all you aspire to achieve. For us, these modes of communication are imperative and we urge you to hold them and build on them with assuredness and persistence. They will not fail you in their ability to carry out conversations with us, nor will they disappoint you with their accuracy and timeliness.

Go now, and carry forth this knowledge to others of like minds and hearts, who want to believe but find themselves doubting. Your time has come, my Beloveds, my Dear Sweet Ones, and we must hurry things along now to keep up with the changes taking place in your globe. Do not be hesitant to try new things, new modes of communication with us. Whatever works for you we will find a way to work with.

Do not doubt the accuracy of our requests to you in your time here. These things are not to be taken lightly. They will lead you to ultimate pleasure – fulfillment of a physical nature, as well as a spiritual one. These things need not be taxing on you and your familiars – simply go forth with the intention to find what it is that you are good at. These things will find you and carry you further along the path without your even knowing it. The occurrences that your kind would view as setbacks, as accidents, as mistakes even, are not what we would refer to with such negativity in our minds. These happenings are all part of the layout, part of your learning and experience here on this planet. How can you get to point B without crossing over A, first? You can’t. These matters are not for your reflection, they are simply to guide and instruct you better in how to spend your days and years. The more you do here, the better. The more you learn to listen, to look where you are headed, the more glorious the outcome will be. If we can be of service to you in any way it is this.

Do not fret so over things you have yet to build, to restore, to tear down even. These things will all happen as they are meant to, in the space and time during which they are meant to occur. You cannot rush things. You cannot force your hand to follow through with items that are not yet in place for you at this time. These things are coming for you, and will be well within your reach before you have time to question your aspirations and heart’s calling. It is well that you want to do so much with your time here and that you seek to follow through with such measurements but, we warn you, do not be distracted by those things that bear your name and chant it with seeming tenderness towards all that you aspire to do. These items will lead you astray from your path of righteousness and creed, will break down the door of your holdings and smash all that you have built to this date. You cannot allow this to happen. These things are not yours to keep, to aspire to, to grasp and bring forth with you. You must let them go now, or be lost with their cause.

We let you go now to mull over these teachings and warnings of ours, to consider the consequences of all your actions, be they right-minded or otherwise. Go and put forth your best legs, your feet, your angel wings that we have gifted you. Do not be afraid of the outcome for it is all that we have planned for you, and all is unfolding exactly as anticipated. Be quiet and low-key, and when the hour comes for your unveiling you will be so pleased with the results that you will wonder that you ever urged towards anything other. Go now, Little Ones, and make your mark on the world. It is waiting for you.


Thank you, Charlotte.


3 thoughts on “Channeled message for March, 2014

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