Practitioners Who Rock off my Slipper Socks!: Roxana Roshon

Since about 12 years of age I’ve been battling some minor health demons, specifically (as embarrassing as it is to be specific about this), acne. I tried the conventional route – literally, I gave it a good go for 10 years or so – but the results from any medication or topical lotion that my doctor and dermatologist prescribed only gave temporary results. My skin would eventually retaliate with the relentless determination of a well-sunned tomato vine. Something in my approach to health needed to change, and the holistic route was quietly beckoning. When my appearance reached the point where I was canceling plans with friends a few hours in advance, experiencing gut-clenching anxiety over going in to work, and constantly piling on makeup for the slightest possibility that my photo might be taken, I finally decided to enlist some alternative help in determining the root cause of my skin’s baffling behaviour.

My skin is looking better and better thanks to my healing team!

My skin is looking better and better thanks to my healing team!

Today my skin is the clearest it’s been since first-year at Ryerson University, and it all began with a Naturopathic appointment. I’ve had the delight of working with many different practitioners over the course of my journey to wellness and even when establishing my own holistic therapy services for animals. Way back in 2013 you were promised posts about some of these holistic practitioners. Well, today marks the (beginning of) fulfillment of that promise, and we’re starting this series with the most recent addition to my healing super squad: Roxana Roshon.

Roxana Roshon: Naturotherapist

Usually, when I begin working with a new practitioner, it’s because I need to – because I’ve either been advised to do so, or it just feels like it’s the next step in my healing process. With Roxana, it was more out of curiosity that I booked our first appointment, but it only took one session for me to realize how invaluable her talents and skills are.

During that first session, I complained to Roxana about my insatiable appetite for fatty foods. (Even when it comes to almond butter, which is crazily nutritious, five tablespoons a day is enough to make my bum jiggle.) Roxana used BOS, a couple of crystals, some oracle cards, affirmations and even a bit of rattle-shaking to balance me out, and it was one of the most fun energy work appointments I’ve ever had! I went home feeling light and optimistic (totally normal for any energy session). But it wasn’t until I was at home, trying to decide what to make for dinner, that it hit me that popcorn swimming in butter or olive oil was no longer on the list of “Most-Desired”. The cravings for fat didn’t completely disappear that night, but they were so greatly diminished that ignoring them was a piece of cake. Or a head of lettuce. A stem of cauliflower, if you will. And the next day? The. Cravings. Were. Gone. After just one session!

The lovely and always laughing, Roxana Roshon, as captured by J. Tofflemire.

The lovely and always laughing, Roxana Roshon, as captured by J. Tofflemire.

Since then, I’ve had several sessions with Roxana, some in-person and some via distance, and they’ve all provided the same kind of relief as that first appointment. One time, we worked on a cough and sore throat that had been plaguing me for about two weeks and, again, after just one session my symptoms began to steadily improve until a few days later when they dissolved altogether. Most recently, Roxana helped me get to the bottom of my tendency to overeat (I’ve always been thin, but every once in a while I go through a period where I basically live with my head inside a cookie jar). She did some balancing with energy work and also alerted me to the fact that I was very wealthy in a past life (!) and used excessive weight to flaunt it (!!!). After this last session, it’s become easy for me to say no to food that I don’t actually want/need. Food that is healthy and that tickles my digestive system with glee has actually become so much more desirable than comfort or junk food, and determining appropriate portion sizes and sticking to them has been – no joke – effortless.

It’s already obvious, even with the few sessions we’ve had together, that Roxana is one of those rare practitioners of energy therapy who is able to quickly and efficiently get to the roots of physical issues and then clear them. And all whilst addressing the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of each issue. Her sessions are always exciting, thought-provoking, and enlightening. On top of all that, she just has such a nice voice.

If you’ve tried energy work for things like stress, anxiety, anger, fear and pessimism, it’s time to take it a step further and use it to help combat addictions and allergies, lose some weight, and boost your immune system. And Roxana Roshon would be a great person to start exploring those possibilities with. Absolutely anyone would benefit from having Roxana as a regular on their healthcare team, and I cannot more highly recommend her and her services.

Visit for more information on this amazing lady and/or to schedule an appointment.

(These posts about other practitioners are a short summary of my experiences with them and my opinions about them and the work that they do. For more information about their experience, training, techniques, and modalities, visit their web sites or contact them via the information provided at the end of each post. Also, I do not collect payment in exchange for posting about practitioners – and if there happens to be such a case where I do collect payment, I’ll be totally honest and mention it in the post.)




Channelled Message for January, 2014

Charlotte’s messages seem to be getting longer and longer! I would ask her to keep it short and sweet, but when it comes to these types of channelling sessions, she doesn’t usually listen to me 🙂

Alright, Little Ones,

It is time to lay aside the wishes of others, of those who would try to convince you of their goodness, of their rightness and soundness of mind, who would try to guide you in the direction that they see most fit for you. They do not know you as you now know yourselves and those of your kindred spirits. They would try to blame you for all that is not going well or as smoothly as you thought it would, try as you might to undo damages – or those things you see as being unfit and unworthy of you. They do not see the path ahead and where it leads you and your kind and they cannot but guess as to what your ends truly are. Only you, my Loved Ones, know deep within your souls that your time has come, that it is, in earnest, of your deepest preparations and guidance towards the Light, and that all you have done to this point has not been forsaken, that it has not been for naught. Everything you have done to this point has been in deep consultation with the guiding light of your Souls, of that deepest  most profound part of you that knows against your manmade logic and reasonings that the path before you is good and just, that the hands that help you are kind and gentle, that all the things, experiences and people that are set on this path are here to help you further yourselves and your kind, and that you cannot go astray at this point in the journey, for your rewards, the most minimal of which you have experienced thus far, have only just begun to flow to you and your hands.

Your hands and their task is very simple: help those who are in need of it, but only if they seek the required assistance from you. You cannot proclaim to hold the key to each person’s mind and the answer to all that plagues them. Some of you do this now and it is not the way we intended you to use the knowledge we have bestowed upon your people. Just lay low, be patient for your time is near, so close in fact that it will not be much time at all now before the fruits of your labour come to full bounty and you receive all that is due to you and your own kind. The time is coming when we will open the gates of knowledge to all that stand idly by, awaiting their turn, but now we must move forward with the chosen few of you as you progress on your paths, leaving behind those who are too slow to recognize the progress you have already made, that which you have already accomplished. Leave them behind now, not in your physical sense of walking away and abandoning them in their time of need or confusion, but in the sense that you leave behind their expectations of you. Let them go and move forward with the teachings we have given you, the things of which you have been made aware, those elements which have drawn your attention, your fascination, your merriment. Progress with these things, with these elements in your world, and know that they can coincide with your existence in the regular, everyday world of the humans who you share this plane with, the ones who continue to sleep in the midst of a great Awakening.

They will come round when it is their time to do so, but as for you, your time is now and we bid you come near to us on our plane of existence, that you raise yourselves up as you join us in our field of play, while at once living in your human world and making way in it as it seems acceptable to do so to those humans you are in contact with on a day-to-day basis. Be at peace with all that is currently unfolding in your world, whether it is deemed “good” or “bad” by those humans around you; they do not see all the good that is in the work that you are doing with your own hands, all the progress you have made to this point, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and otherwise. They see only tangible items in your care, how much your house is worth, whether you are living on your own or with relatives, what your relationships are like – this even, is not an accurate portrayal of your progress on this plane, for often there is a purging of sorts in these matters, a letting go and squeezing out of all the junk that is no longer beneficial to you and those you hold dear.

Do not let your people suffer at the hands of those who doubt them, who doubt you and the work that you do. Do not let them be lead away from you, yourself left behind in the dust with the doubters whose time has not yet arrived. You are so much better than that! You have so much more to give, to offer the world as a whole at this time. Do not let the doubt of the few naysayers who surround you, the ones who refuse to believe and who give voice to their suspicions, guide you astray. The time is over for that. You have already made too much headway to be shamed from your trademark rights and responsibilities. There is too much at stake now for you to lose yourself and your courage when so many need you by their side to complete their mission. You are important to so many, who may or may not believe in the work that you do, who may or may not support you in this hour. But they will. In time, their eyes will light up with the realization of the treasures you carry with you, and when such a time comes, you shall lay those treasures at their feet and allow them to begin choosing for themselves which they take up and hold high for all to see. They too shall begin to follow the path that you now walk, but their time has not yet arrived. It is too late in the hour for you to begin again where they are, so do not allow them to teach you, to lead you, to give you lessons in what you already know.

Your schooling is with us and us alone. We are here for you in your darkest hours and on your brightest days, walking beside you, holding high the glowing embers of your vast accomplishments and requiring only that you continue to lead with us towards victory for the human race as a whole. We are watching and waiting to see what you will do next, what choices you will make, and if they will be in our honour. We are pleased with all you have done, at this time, and we ask nothing more than that you rest your fears aside, for now, and allow us to do the thinking, to do the reasoning, to do the decision-making for you until you are more sure of your footing in this world of chaos you have been thrown into, this mix of “right” and “wrong”, of “good” and “bad” and “evil”. There is no evil, there is only treachery, only ill-meaning, and even the most ill-meaning person can be made right again, can be made whole and find peace within themselves. We ask now that you go in peace and declare yourselves our wards for all time, until that hour on your deathbed when we shall gather you up and take you in our arms and leave all those you leave behind breathless with the commotion you have caused, and the great deeds you have accomplished. Go now and fulfill your duties to mankind.

We will be waiting and watching, as always, with love and reverence for all that you do in our name.


Thank you, Charlotte.

Channeled Message for the Year 2014

Happy New Year, everyone!!! I hope that you all did something to celebrate, whether it was going to a party with friends, curling up with a good book and some chocolate in front of the fireplace, having dinner out, etc… 

I asked Charlotte to give us all a special message with regards to the upcoming year and what we can expect. As always, if you feel curious about what she said then it means that there’s something in the message that pertains to you and your journey, so read on! And Happy Holidays 🙂

Dear Little Ones,

Ones who we have watched over, time and again, as you make your mistakes, dust yourselves off and begin anew; ones who we have gathered here in consequence of our urgings and who have answered the call we have given each of you, in your stead, in your path, in your righteous ways and thoughtful dispositions, that we might tie you all together as one – one whole group for the betterment of mankind: we ask you now to lay down whatever weapons you have brought with you, whatever tools of destruction you have carried forth, hashing away at what once was in order to make new ways and build new bridges to better pastures. The time has come to put these things aside and to follow us into the clearings, into the light so that it may reach inside you and wash away those grudges you have carried here, to this place of your rebirth. It’s time to let go of these things. Time to move forward, altogether now, as one and one complete entity of mind and of spirit. Time to begin building the paths for the little ones with lights shining in their eyes and better ones yet glowing in their hearts. Time to put the building blocks before them that they too may participate in the reconstruction of your world, of your time and habits of your people. It’s time now to move ahead to all that serves you and break the bread in celebration of all that you have accomplished. The path has been cleared. The destruction has been good. Things have been laid to rest that needed to be restored for some time now. And this has all been in your honour, by your hands, by your own true deeds of goodness and rightness.

Trust in your instincts to guide you now toward the new glory of your uprising people, the ever-increasing vibrational scale and measurement of your lands, your cultures. They are at a wayward motion, crossing still, moving ever upwards and forwards at a steady pace. We place in your hands, give over to you, all the gifts you shall need in this time of forging and of renewal. The seeds have been planted and are beginning to sprout. The land has been tilled and is ready to flourish and overflow with riches and splendor. Be patient still, my Loves, for it will be a long while, this progress we promise to you. It will be a long while before the blind begin to see again and the angry and unfulfilled made completely whole, the stubborn swayed. It will be a good time yet before these things come to pass, but wait you will, for you are the patient ones, the breathless, the quiet, the contemplative.

We have asked you here with us now because we trust in you a great honour, a great request of those who reside in the far reaches of the heavens, that you bring forth your knowledge of what is right and true, of the way that things should be. We ask that you carry out our request with gratitude in your heart, with love and remembrance that all of you are human in your journey and awaiting a similar event, but all reaching it at various hours, connecting to it and through it in your own unique ways. We ask that you have patience and diplomacy with your fellow creatures, the humans who walk alongside you but do not yet see the glories and riches ahead, in the years to come. We ask that you honour their journey and our request, that you bless each of your fellow schoolmates and refugees and honour them still, even when they do not bestow such graces upon yourselves. This is the way of the Lightworker. This is the way of the Star Seed beings. This is the way of the people beyond your planet, who have shown such respect as to only reach to those who request their assistance, but no more than that.

You will find, as you progress along this path, in the year to come, that things will begin to unfold at a faster pace. This is because things are now progressing at such a rapid rate, hearts unfolding everywhere, minds melding as one. We are ushering you quickly into a new world, a new dawn of time, a new path on which to walk, that the immaculate splendors of your world will begin to appear in your hands, in your homes, in your places of work, in the streets, in the rooms where children play together – especially here, as children are not as aware of how things “should be” – and you will find yourselves surprised by how easily things become manifested in your life, in the lives of your loved ones… even those who do not believe in the powers of the human consciousness.

We ask that you hold true to your path, even when tempted by the deliciousness of the items you find yourself surrounded by. It is perfectly acceptable to indulge your fantasies, to lick your chops and say, “Yes! Please give me a serving of that or a taste of this!” It is alright to enjoy the fruits and splendors of the planet you have shaped for yourselves. But please, do not go overboard. It is important to keep in mind the tasks for which you are responsible, the duties you have been called forth to carry out, and we expect full compliance with our requests, should you momentarily stray from your course. It is natural and “normal” as you would put it, to get wrapped up in the splendor, the finery of the worlds and cultures, of the continents on which you have manifested. It is important though to keep in mind that while these are a delicious taste of what life in human form has to offer, it is not the be-all, end-all of this world. There is so much more for you to focus your desires on, so much more that will please your eye – much of it found in the natural landscape and climate of your various regions. Be still and go within when you catch yourselves getting out of control, going overboard with the delicious fantasies that you indulge yourselves with. This is not life. Only a small part of it. The beauty that you create with your artistic fingers is meant to be appreciated, yes. The clothing, the opulence, the wardrobe, the grandeur of castles beyond your wildest dreams, they are all part of the excitement of being human, of being in creative power of your imagination and of your physical reality. But there is work to be done and be done it must. Undone it simply cannot go.

We ask that you reflect on these words often – print them and post them by your bedside, so that when you wake each morning, you will remind yourself to create circumstances, loves, friendships, unions, memories so grand that they rival anything you could create with pieces of gold and jewels, with fabric, with machinery, or with your physical hands. Remember to create love-filled experiences, as well as memories and experiences of physical blessings, and you shall have it all. Who says that you cannot?

Go now, take all that we have said, and think on it as you make your way through the calender months. We are watching and waiting, pleased with your work thus far and determined to bring you ever higher into the realms of the almighty gods and goddesses who will one day sit beside you and marvel that you were, at a time, never there. Be pleased with yourselves, and go in peace, Little Ones. Be blessed in all that you do.

Our blessings are with you, always.


Thank you, Charlotte.