Conversation with a Cat (That’s right, a cat. And yes – an ACTUAL conversation.)

A while ago, I did a post about a conversation I had with my dog, Dolce. We used to have a cat also. His name was Mints and we had him from the time that he was a kitten, but he passed away in his 13th year. We don’t know exactly what happened… we just kinda found him in pieces on our front lawn one afternoon (sorry about that mental image). It was just a few years ago that I began learning and practicing animal communication, so I never got a chance to practice with Mints when he was alive. I decided to have a little chat with him this weekend (and, for those of you who are wondering, you can communicate JUST as easily with a deceased animal, as you can with a living one):

"Make yourself useful and turn on the tap for me..."

“Make yourself useful and turn on the tap for me…”

Me: How did you feel about your life with us?

Mints: Living with you was all that I needed it to be – it was all that I wanted. Even more, if you ask me. I just wish that you could have arranged more time for us to be together, to spend quality time in each other’s arms and heads and hearts.

Me: What would we have done if I had?

Mints: We would have… (Shows an image of him nuzzling my face and purring. I used to push him away most of the time when he tried to cuddle with me because he’d get cat hair everywhere.)

Me: How did you feel about Dolce living with us?

Mints: Dolce was a barbarian, if you ask me. He still is. You need to control him. Ask him to stand still. It won’t hurt him.

That cat is about to snap...

That cat is about to snap…

Me: He really misses you. You were his best friend.

Mints: And he was mine. I loved him till the day I died. I just didn’t want to be subjected to his whims and desires and boisterous behaviour. (Now, that I’m reading this again as I’m typing, I’m remembering that when Dolce was still a puppy, he used to try and mount Mints.)

Me: He wants to do a session so you guys can talk and spend some time together.

Mints: I’d be open to that.

Me: Do you still visit with us sometimes?

Mints: Naturally. I’d like to be part of your time travel affairs – your time spent on the other side. (He’s talking about my holistic therapy sessions. It’s totally normal for the spirits of other animals to come and help me in my sessions with clients.)

Me: That can be arranged.

Mints: (Flicks his tail with satisfaction.)

Me: I wish I’d learned animal communication before you died…

Mints: I know. It’s hard.

Me: Were you really depressed when we first brought Dolce home? (He seemed very depressed for a couple of weeks afterward – we didn’t see much of him during that time and when we did, he usually kept his distance from us.)

Mints: I was mildly disappointed. Took the attention off me.

Mints would have made an excellent supermodel

Mints would have made an excellent supermodel

Mints: (Shows an image of my sister, snuggling with him.) Naturally. I liked her.

Me: You were so cute!

Mints: I know. (He sounds pleased with himself.) I wish I could have stayed.

Me: Tell me about how you died.

Mints: We don’t have to talk about that.

Me: I want to. I want to know! For closure…

Mints: Okay, I’ll tell you. I fell… (Shows an image of him running towards our house) So scared. (Suddenly a large dog – a wolf? a coyote? – appears in front of him.) There were so many of them. All at once, they were surrounding me. Confusion.

Me: I’m sorry you went through that. I’m most sorry that you were afraid – that you knew you were probably going to die and were afraid. I’m sorry that you suffered.

Mints: It’s okay.

Me: Why is it okay?

Mints: Because I’m here, now.

Me: Where?

Mints: Where you can see me. (Smiles.)

Me: Mints, do you think that you’ll ever return to us in physical form? (It’s common for animals to reincarnate and return to human families that they’ve loved.)

He wasn't one of those cats who climbed Christmas trees - he just liked to hide under them (from dogs, cameras, and clumsy humans).

This is one of my fave photos of him because he looks like a cat alien.

Mints: Of course I will!

Me: You will?!

Mints: Of course.

Me: When?

Mints: I don’t know. When I’m ready.

Me: Well, how will we know that it’s you?

Mints: Because I’ll tell you. Keep your eyes peeled.

Me: Is there anything that you want to share with the readers of my blog? Is there anything you want to tell them?

Mints: I would tell them to care more about pets and animals. We bruise easily. Be more spontaneous. Play like a dog or cat.

Me: Thank you, Mints.

Mints: Thank YOU.

Me: I love you.

Mints: I miss/love you, too.


How Psychics Got Such a Bad Rep

A lot of people look at me differently once I admit to them my not-so-secret love of psychics. And once people find out that my line of work is very similar to psychic work… Oohh boy. At that point, we’ll either be friends forever, or the person won’t want to have anything to do with me.

And that’s cool. I totally get it. Psychics are thought to be cheats, frauds, con artists, and… *shudder*… merely a form of entertainment. People don’t take them seriously, regardless as to whether they read tarot cards, perform mediumship, are channelers or simply refer to themselves as psychics.

There’s good reasoning for that (kind of).

We’ll start out with the obvious reason first: some ‘psychics’ ARE frauds. There are some people who claim to have psychic abilities, but are actually just good at picking up on the physical cues or body language of their clients. They use these cues and signals to determine things about their customers’ personalities, lifestyle, habits, etc. and then give the client a ‘really good’ reading about what’s to come based on what the client most wants to hear.

The other reason that people don’t trust psychics is that intuitive work of any kind isn’t an exact science (not yet, anyway). It’s easy, even for a seasoned, professional, legitimate psychic to give inaccurate answers, on occasion.

There are a couple of different reasons why this happens.

One: There’s the issue of deciphering between one’s imagination and intuition.

This one gets even the best of them.

It’s really easy for a psychic to mistake their own thoughts for an intuitive answer. The assumption that a lot of people have about psychic messages and telepathy and intuitive visions, etc, is that they come through for the person in a LOUD and clear way. Not true. Whether they come from angels, spirit guides, faeries, the deceased, animals or whatever, most intuitive or psychic messages sound and look almost exactly like one’s own thoughts. There might be an ever so slight variation in the tone, but they’re typically not any louder, clearer or more vivid than the internal voice we use to talk to ourselves. The only real difference is that when it is a psychic or intuitive message coming through, the answer is often unexpected. The wording might be unusual, the type of visual that’s presented might be surprising, or the sensation that’s felt in the body might be completely out of the blue.

Of course, there are the occasional messages that come through that are much clearer or louder or just feel stronger than regular thoughts. And some psychics and intuitives do claim to receive very clear, distinct messages most of the time. Other than that, it can be difficult for a psychic to tell what’s just the imagination and what’s actually a psychic message. It takes several years of consistent practice to develop that skill. And even the most seasoned professionals can still get it wrong once in a while.

Two: Even if a psychic is a complete ROCK STAR at deciphering between their thoughts and actual messages, they might misinterpret the messages they do receive. A great psychic or intuitive won’t interpret the message for you at all – they’ll just tell you what sensations or visions or whatever they receive in response to your concern or question. (A little something I learned when training under Lori Wilson.)

Let’s say you ask a psychic: When am I going to meet the man of my dreams?

The psychic could have a vision of you walking with a good-looking guy in the park, and there are buds on the trees all around you. Now, if they interpret this vision for you, they’ll say something like, “I see you meeting the love of your life in the Spring.” If they’re a good psychic, they’ll say, “I see you walking with a handsome man in a park, and there are buds on the trees.”

When a psychic interprets the results for you, they prevent you from fully examining the results for yourself – and that has a HUGE effect on the accuracy of the reading. You could already have met that guy the psychic sees you walking in a park with. Maybe they’re just a friend who’s going to introduce you to the love of your life. Maybe the conversation you have with that person, in that park, at that time in the Spring, is going to change your outlook on love and dating and THAT will lead you to the guy of your wild, wild fantasies. Or maybe the message is that you’ll meet the guy you’ve been waiting for in the Spring… 4 years from now.

If a psychic interprets the intuitive messages or answers they receive, chances are good that they’re going to screw up part or all of the message.

Which brings us to yet another reason psychics are not taken seriously:

The best ones refuse to interpret messages. They’ll tell you to “sit with it” for a while and to give yourself time to think the message over. If you ask, “Does it mean _____?!?!?!” They’ll respond, “It could. Maybe.” If you ask for clarification on the message, they’ll often give you an equally unclear 2nd message. Because that’s what they’re being shown or told to give you. But they will not, under any circumstances, interpret the message on your behalf.

And that really pisses people off.

We live in a fast-paced society. (That’s the understatement of the century…) We want answers NOW. We want results THIS MINUTE. We want a resolution to our problem before the problem even exists. And we want clear, well-defined and to-the-point answers to all of our most pressing questions and concerns.

Well, guess what? That’s not the way the spirit world works.

There’s this really great quote that’s used a couple of times throughout the book series, The Immortals, by Alyson Noel:

“Life isn’t meant to be an open-book test.”

(Fricking AMAZING series – read it, if you get the chance.)

In other words, we’re not supposed to know all of the answers as we go through life. That’s not what being human is all about. We’re meant to experience pain, make mistakes, and feel fear and stress along with all of the happiness, joy and victories. We would end up avoiding half the experiences we’re supposed to have on this planet if we knew that they were coming. As a result, we would miss out on their lessons and potential to inspire growth and change.

The spirit world is smart. It knows that even when we go to a psychic looking for clear, thorough answers to our questions, what we really need is guidance. What we actually need to make an important decision is just a little more information than what we currently have.

Now, don’t go running off to have a reading done and then make a major financial decision based on what you’re told. But also don’t hesitate to seek spiritual guidance from a psychic or a channeler or a medium, etc. if that’s what you want to do. Just know that the answers you receive may be a bit abstract, or they might not make any sense whatsoever to you right now. Be patient and let the true meaning of the message unfold with time.

There are some incredible intuitive individuals out there who can give you the kind of insight or clarity you might be searching for in your situation (and not all of these individuals are world-renowned). They often will have information to share that you may not have otherwise come by. You’ll find that the answers you get from them will help you in a difficult decision-making process, and/or will bring you peace and comfort in the midst of tough circumstances.

Almost the same effect as an honest, in-depth conversation with a wise, perceptive friend.



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The 5 Most Practical Ways to “Intuitively” Choose Crystals

Hey, Snookerdoodles!

Just a super short post this week, since I’m running on about 4 hours of sleep (I was volunteering at Matthew Hussey’s Live Tour seminar in Toronto this weekend and things got cray-zay).

Today, we’re going to go over how to intuitively choose the crystals and stones that you need to buy for various projects (like crystal layouts, gem elixirs, feng shui, etc.). A lot of people have no idea how to “intuitively” sniff out rocks, partly because healers tend to use ambiguous language to describe exactly what “intuitively” means. They give tips like, “choose whatever you’re drawn to”, and “just find one that speaks to you,” or even, “just choose what feels right”.

How helpful.

Ta-da! A crystal layout :D  I like it because it looks like a demented starfish.

Ta-da! A crystal layout 😀 I like it because it looks like a demented starfish.

If the word “intuitively” is bringing up some feelings of uncertainty then you’re in luck, because this insanely practical post was written especially for you. Read on, my confused friend.

5 Practical Ways to Choose Your Crystals

1. Reach into the jar/box of stones and take the first one your fingers touch. Don’t second guess. Don’t judge. Just take the very first one.

2. Pick the crystals, rocks or stones you find most interesting. Maybe you find one that’s so clear you can see right through it. Maybe you find one that looks like Kim Kardashian’s face. Whatever the stone’s or crystal’s feature is, if you find it interesting, consider it meant for you.

3. Select whichever one feels good. Not “feels” as in intuitively feels – but as in physically. Do you like the fact that it’s smooth like a worry stone? Take it. Do you find it’s roughness or gritty texture especially satisfying? Take that one.

4. Literally, whichever one you first look at. Again, the very first one. (See? Isn’t intuition so much easier than people make it sound?)

5. Choose the one you think is the most beautiful. The one you can’t take your eyes off of. It could be the sparkliest one on the shelf, the one that’s your favourite shade of blue, or the translucent one with the rainbow flashing inside of it. Whatever you find most attractive, take it.

Now, keep in mind that there will be some stores and shops you’ll walk into where nothing will appeal to you. Then there will be others where you just want to take home absolutely everything. For this reason, you should always enter a crystal store with a budget in mind. (Trust me, it’s easy to spend hundreds in one afternoon if you don’t set your limits prior to browsing.)

Another quick tip: if you do have a specific project in mind that you need to buy crystals for, then keep that project in mind the moment you’re walking into the shop. You’ll find that by doing that and following the steps above, you’ll naturally end up bringing home the crystals you need.



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Why I Secretly Hate Psychic Fairs

Despite having attended and even having participated as a vendor in a couple of psychic / holistic / wellness fairs (or expos, whatever you wanna call ‘em…), deep down, they kind of annoy me.

It’s not the weird dramatic costumes that a few of the vendors choose to doll themselves up in that are bothersome. Nor is it the theatrics that often accompany their attire. It’s not even the fact that some of those ‘psychics’ are just flat-out quacks (because, let’s be honest, some of them totally are).

Instead, what really chews away at me is that all of those vendors being under one roof together – vendors who are in the same business, vendors vying for the same chunk of market – inspires a lot of competition.

And in the holistic therapy business there is no place for competitiveness amongst your colleagues.

Yes, I realize that psychics don’t exactly fall under the category of holistic therapy practitioners. When someone calls themselves a ‘psychic’ they’re more or less viewed as a provider of entertainment. Someone who refers to themselves as a ‘holistic therapy practitioner’ is often viewed, more or less, as someone who helps to facilitate healing in their clients.

BUT, these two occupations are similar in the sense that they’re often spiritual pursuits. And the success of a spiritually-inclined business doesn’t depend in the least on how well you can compete with other businesses.

One of the things my mentors have taught me over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again is that it doesn’t matter what sales tactics I come up with. It doesn’t matter how connected I am on social media. It doesn’t matter how many articles I’m featured in. The clients who instinctively sense that my services are most beneficial to them will be drawn to me. As long as a holistic practitioner puts him or herself out there and makes people aware of their services, the people who need to work with them will be naturally drawn to them.

(This is actually one of the things I love most about this line of work! It’s common knowledge in our field that we can promote one another’s businesses and still feel confident that each of us will receive all the clients we need.)

A few examples of people who successfully follow this spiritual rule of thumb (from personal experience, anyway – you can probably think of others) are Roxana Roshon, Atherton Drenth and Kristina Kastelanac. Each of these practitioners run their practices full time, but I’ve never seen any of them do any self-promotion or advertising. And people just flock to them.

Guess how that’s possible? It’s because when you put the intention out there that you want to do this work, and then start preparing for the clients you expect to have (getting a filing system in order, properly managing the income that you do have flowing in, keeping your workspace clear and organized), the Universe basically says, “WOOHOOO, let’s get this party started, muthafuckassss!!!!!!”

Guess why that happens? It’s because you’re doing the work that makes you happiest. Because you’re doing the work that’s going to change the world.

And this is true for every profession, not just holistic therapies. If you feel called to be a construction worker, or a nurse, or… I don’t know… a waitress, even… then when you finally step up to the plate and cast your fears aside, the Universe does everything in its power to help you out. It just knows all of the awesome changes you’re going to help happen on this planet.

So when I see vendors at psychic fairs using pushy sales tactics to draw people to their station, it makes me assume that they are either

a) a fraud; or

b) having extreme difficulty trusting in their ability to draw in clients.

I’ve actually found that the psychics I got the absolute best readings from were the ones who were friendly and informative, but didn’t seem to mind whether or not I invested in them specifically.

It’s not that one needs to avoid promoting themselves – because, like I said, you have to put yourself out there. But you shouldn’t feel as though you have to cut down other businesses or (almost literally) drag people into dropping a few dollars in your jar. Desperation rarely helps anybody land a sale.



Why I Heal Animals and Then Eat Them

This weekend I signed up with the Goodlife Fitness centre in my hometown. I have a leetle extra pudge on me right now due to work-related stress and some high-fat content food addictions. I figured instead of quitting my job or cutting out the foods that make my heart sing, I’d just take some endorphin-creating aerobics classes and maybe pump some iron.

During the the initial interview process – where they ask what your fitness goals are, etc. – the guy asked what my diet is like. “Oh, I eat really well, actually,” I told him. “I’m on the Paleo diet.” Of course, like so many men who claim to be health enthusiasts, he questioned this choice (and sorry to be sexist, but it always seems to be men who hold something against the Paleo lifestyle). This guy went on to inform me that if I was experiencing fatigue throughout the day, it could be attributed to lack of carbs in my diet.

This always makes me want to laugh when I hear it.

If anything, my energy levels have sky-rocketed since going Paleo. Not only is it easier for me to get out of bed in the mornings, I practically bounce out from under the covers and right into my pre-selected oufit for the day. My energy levels are even more stable from morning to evening. No more swinging from a caffeine-induced buzz to total and utter exhaustion and then back up again via a sugar high. Yes, life is sweet, now that I’ve expelled the sweets, dairy, grains and other processed foods from my diet.

And maybe that comes as a surprise to you.

“Shouldn’t someone who works so closely with animals and who has conversations with them and heals them and OBVIOUSLY adores them as much as you do, Avril…. um… not eat them? Like, shouldn’t you be vegetarian or something?”

Well, no. That’s not really the way it works.

Yes, I do love animals and yes, I speak with them the same way that I speak with humans and, really, I believe that animals are every bit as important as humans are (as much as we like to believe that we’re the most significant beings on this planet – or even in this universe).

HOWEVER. My body needs what it needs.

Due to some skin issues, I’ve been on numerous diets throughout the past several years. One of these was a vegan diet (thanks mostly to my decision to watch the videos of animal torture and abuse on one fine afternoon). Unfortunately, in the three years that I was vegan, my skin issues never cleared up. They did improve, but not even close to the point where I felt confident going out into public without makeup on – or even at all, some days.

Thankfully, I finally got an intuitive nudge a couple years ago to try going Paleo. And after deciding to become a practitioner for animals, as well as discovering everything I now know about the meat and dairy industries, this was NOT an easy choice. But I made it knowing that my body would never ask me to do something immoral or evil.

Through other holistic practitioners, I learned that there are farms in my area that are small and family-owned businesses, where you can go and visit the animals they raise and see what sorts of conditions they live in. And trust me, it’s nothing like factory farming. These are animals that are raised in grassy paddocks, with plenty of room and easily accessible shelters. Calfs that are playing with each other, and that eagerly come over to any human they see standing by the gate. Chickens and roosters that have the run of the entire property. (Watch out for poop! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…)

Does all this sound barbaric? Farmers who lovingly raise healthy, happy livestock only to slaughter them for food? And their customers, who love animals but would rather retain meat in their diet then try vegetarianism?

Well, I have news for those of you who may be leaning over that side of the feeling fence. There’s nothing barbaric about wanting each and every creature on this planet to have a blissful existence while they’re here – regardless as to how they leave this planet or when. If you knew that your life would only last x number of years, would you want people who were responsible for caring for you to make those years happy and fulfilling? Or would you be okay with being whipped, beaten, neglected, etc? My guess is that you would choose happiness and as little pain as possible.

And there’s nothing barbaric about consuming meat. Yes, animals are our friends. Yes, it’s our responsibility to care for them. But being a good caretaker of Earth and its creatures simply means that we use our natural resources responsibly and with kindness and future generations in mind. You can be a friend to animals and still participate in the food chain. Trying to switch the links around is not going to do you or your body any favours.

After going strict Paleo for a month, my skin was FUCKING. GLOWING. It was clear, it was smooth and my Rosacea was even easing up. My skin hadn’t looked that good since I was in high school and my doctor initially put me on the birth control pill. On top of that, my energy levels dramatically increased, and (sorry if you’re a dude and you’re reading this), my monthly menstrual cramps completely disappeared! I’d finally found the 100% natural remedy for a number of health concerns. And it all had to do with a tweaking of my diet.

All of this was a sign that this diet was something my body had been needing. It wasn’t just a matter of my taste buds having certain insatiable cravings. It was an actual need that my body was trying to express through various symptoms. Symptoms that I had been ignoring due to guilt and feeling as though I had to follow the rules and boundaries that other animal-lovers had set for me.

NEVER let anyone tell you what is best for your body. I don’t care if that person is a nutritionist, or a fitness expert, or a doctor. Our bodies are each so different – the only way that you will truly be able to discover what works for you is if you try out all kinds of crazy shit first. Try every diet you can until you find one that just completely clicks. Some people absolutely thrive on a vegan or vegetarian diet. Others wilt. Some peeps need nuts, but others are deathly allergic to them.

And, if you’re a meat/fish-eating animal-lover like me, don’t ever let anyone make you feel guilty about giving your body the nourishment it needs for you to function at a ten. The world deserves you at your best.


*P.S.* For those of you who are interested, the two farms that I purchase animal products from are Thatcher Farms and Blue Haven Farms in Rockwood, Ontario (Canada). Both are regular vendors at the Guelph Farmers Market on Saturdays.