Channelled Message for August, 2017

Glendor the Dragon visits with us to deliver this month’s message.

Glendor says…

Keeping in time with the momentum of your pace, the space around you is altering at a rapid rate. To curb the urge to reward yourself with boundless pleasures, let momentum keep its pace and let others keep in time with theirs.

You shall not suffer ills if you do not engage in unjust behaviours. Let these be a warning to you and to all who dare portray them. It’s a dragon’s fare to watch the tower and keep it safe. Let those who conquer destroy what is theirs and keep yours in the hands of the keepers.

We are destined to set sail again, you and I. We are destined to be sailors in this land of umpteen desires and shadows and whispers. Keep your head on straight, and don’t believe that what they tell you is true.

You are the passenger on this train heading into waters of the deep variety. Let me sail you away. Let me be the wings that lift you up, that hold you afloat, even when your ship is sinking. Let me be there for you even in times of stress and great need. Let me be your carrier, your warfare, your ticket to salvation.

We can do this together, you and I. You have my word on it. 

I am Glendor. Hear me roar.

~ Glendor ~


Thank you, Glendor.




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The Language of Animals

The language animals use is one that we all use from the time that we’re in the womb. It comes to us as naturally as breathing, but is something that we’re socialized out of as humans by our caretakers. The language, one that is spoken and understood by all living beings, is that of telepathy. Even though most humans forget early on how to communicate telepathically, it’s a skill and an ability that anyone can relearn at any age.

Convo with Khan

“Let’s have a chat, shall we?”

When I began relearning to speak to animals, it opened up a completely new world for me. It felt like all of my suspicions about magic being real were suddenly confirmed and anything was possible. One of my biggest realizations was how alike animals and humans really are and, as a result, I started to look at my pets in a completely new way. I’ve always loved my non-human friends but being able to have in-depth, meaningful conversations with them helped me to recognize that their range of emotions is every bit as complex as that of a human. It helped me see that they too have conflicting desires and needs, and helped me understand the depth of their feelings for their human families. It enabled me to view animals in the same light that I view my fellow humans.

When a person relearns how to talk to animals, one of the biggest side effects is that they begin treating them with more respect, dignity and compassion. They come to realize the importance of all species on this planet. And that’s what the world needs more of – people who understand and appreciate animals for the intricate, intelligent, sentient beings that they are. The world needs more people who see that animals have just as much right to live on this planet as we do and that they deserve to have their needs met, too. We need more people who realize that the existence of the human race depends on the continued existence of the non-human races.

We need more people who are willing to relearn how to converse with animals.



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Saying Goodbye to a Love…

Dolce in Spring of 2016, when he was still happy and healthy.

I will always, always remember November 7th, 2016. I remember I felt good waking up that Monday morning, having just taken Lori Wilson’s Artist Intuition course over the weekend. Ideas for a book I’d been working on buzzed in my head throughout the day. A rainbow graced the sky as I drove home from work later that afternoon. It was that night that my mom visited to deliver the news: Dolce, our family dog of nine and a half years, had been diagnosed with cancer.

As an intuitive, I knew in my heart that, for me, this situation had not manifested so that I could heal Dolce; it had manifested as a schooling in the art of letting go. And I will be the first to admit that I was not a willing student. In the three weeks that followed that Monday evening – the final three weeks of Dolce’s life – there wasn’t a day that passed that I didn’t scour the internet relentlessly for possible treatments, have a fellow practitioner work on him or give him a session of my own, play with and spend every spare moment with him, and sob hysterically while I laid in bed and waited for sleep.

You can see it in his eyes that he’s not feeling well

Dolce deteriorated quickly though, despite our best efforts, and was euthanized on November 30th, 2016. It was the most horrible and beautiful experience I’ve ever had. He understood the day’s significance because I’d been communicating with him all along and keeping him updated. He knew that we had done everything we could and that we just didn’t want him to be in pain anymore. Our entire family gathered around and sat near his skeletal body on the floor while the needles were administered, petting him and talking to him all the while. I spoke to him, in the language of animals, trying to ensure that he wouldn’t feel alone in any possible way in his final moments. I put my hand over his heart and felt it beat until it didn’t beat anymore.

Doing sessions with Dolce didn’t cure his cancer, but it helped with the pain. After a session, he always slept soundly.

He will always be my Love. I’ll always consider him to be my baby. Many people who have animals as members of their household already understand that they will inevitably one day have to bury a child. Or two, or three, or more. Because, for many of us, our non-human companions are more than just pets – they ARE our children. As their guardians, it’s important

for us to accept that when it’s their time to go, they will go, despite whatever healing tools or knowledge or contacts we have in our arsenal. There are lessons that they simply cannot teach us any other way. The animal’s journey always has something to do with our own – there is always some sort of wisdom they’re trying to share, even in their final transition stage. Like, how to prioritize our days. How to listen. How to heal. And, of course, how to move on.

Personally, I’m still working on integrating that one.

At the very least, I’m moving forward. Continuing to work with clients, and inviting Dolce to help me in the sessions. Going to the Guelph Community Acupuncture clinic and energetically playing with him. Tuning into him, when it feels like he has something to say. I hope with every fibre of my being that he someday returns, reincarnated as… whatever tickles his fancy. A bird. A cat. A hairy, gigantic Old English Sheep Dog. Whether or not he returns, I have promised myself to always have animals as part of my household – even knowing how painful it will one day be to say goodbye to them. I accept that there will occasionally be days of darkness.

I expect that their rainbows will light up the sky.

Little Loves

Bagheera and Shere Khan, the latest additions to our family.



Happy Birthday, Canada!!!!

Canada is 150 years old today! I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful country… As Canadians, we enjoy many freedoms and privileges that residents in other parts of the world don’t. I am also thankful for the land and the people who live here. It’s so impressive how Canadians are becoming more and more environmentally-conscious, and how their concern and compassion for the other species who share this planet with us is ever-growing.

In celebration of this month (which also happens to be my birthday month!), I am offering all Initial Consultations at 25% off throughout the month of July. If you haven’t tried a session for your little love(s) yet, now is the perfect time to do so.

As for me, I’m off to eat some cake and watch some fireworks!

Happy Canada Day, everyone!!!



Conversation with a Cat (That’s right, a cat. And yes – an ACTUAL conversation.)

A while ago, I did a post about a conversation I had with my dog, Dolce. We used to have a cat also. His name was Mints and we had him from the time that he was a kitten, but he passed away in his 13th year. We don’t know exactly what happened… we just kinda found him in pieces on our front lawn one afternoon (sorry about that mental image). It was just a few years ago that I began learning and practicing animal communication, so I never got a chance to practice with Mints when he was alive. I decided to have a little chat with him this weekend (and, for those of you who are wondering, you can communicate JUST as easily with a deceased animal, as you can with a living one):

"Make yourself useful and turn on the tap for me..."

“Make yourself useful and turn on the tap for me…”

Me: How did you feel about your life with us?

Mints: Living with you was all that I needed it to be – it was all that I wanted. Even more, if you ask me. I just wish that you could have arranged more time for us to be together, to spend quality time in each other’s arms and heads and hearts.

Me: What would we have done if I had?

Mints: We would have… (Shows an image of him nuzzling my face and purring. I used to push him away most of the time when he tried to cuddle with me because he’d get cat hair everywhere.)

Me: How did you feel about Dolce living with us?

Mints: Dolce was a barbarian, if you ask me. He still is. You need to control him. Ask him to stand still. It won’t hurt him.

That cat is about to snap...

That cat is about to snap…

Me: He really misses you. You were his best friend.

Mints: And he was mine. I loved him till the day I died. I just didn’t want to be subjected to his whims and desires and boisterous behaviour. (Now, that I’m reading this again as I’m typing, I’m remembering that when Dolce was still a puppy, he used to try and mount Mints.)

Me: He wants to do a session so you guys can talk and spend some time together.

Mints: I’d be open to that.

Me: Do you still visit with us sometimes?

Mints: Naturally. I’d like to be part of your time travel affairs – your time spent on the other side. (He’s talking about my holistic therapy sessions. It’s totally normal for the spirits of other animals to come and help me in my sessions with clients.)

Me: That can be arranged.

Mints: (Flicks his tail with satisfaction.)

Me: I wish I’d learned animal communication before you died…

Mints: I know. It’s hard.

Me: Were you really depressed when we first brought Dolce home? (He seemed very depressed for a couple of weeks afterward – we didn’t see much of him during that time and when we did, he usually kept his distance from us.)

Mints: I was mildly disappointed. Took the attention off me.

Mints would have made an excellent supermodel

Mints would have made an excellent supermodel

Mints: (Shows an image of my sister, snuggling with him.) Naturally. I liked her.

Me: You were so cute!

Mints: I know. (He sounds pleased with himself.) I wish I could have stayed.

Me: Tell me about how you died.

Mints: We don’t have to talk about that.

Me: I want to. I want to know! For closure…

Mints: Okay, I’ll tell you. I fell… (Shows an image of him running towards our house) So scared. (Suddenly a large dog – a wolf? a coyote? – appears in front of him.) There were so many of them. All at once, they were surrounding me. Confusion.

Me: I’m sorry you went through that. I’m most sorry that you were afraid – that you knew you were probably going to die and were afraid. I’m sorry that you suffered.

Mints: It’s okay.

Me: Why is it okay?

Mints: Because I’m here, now.

Me: Where?

Mints: Where you can see me. (Smiles.)

Me: Mints, do you think that you’ll ever return to us in physical form? (It’s common for animals to reincarnate and return to human families that they’ve loved.)

He wasn't one of those cats who climbed Christmas trees - he just liked to hide under them (from dogs, cameras, and clumsy humans).

This is one of my fave photos of him because he looks like a cat alien.

Mints: Of course I will!

Me: You will?!

Mints: Of course.

Me: When?

Mints: I don’t know. When I’m ready.

Me: Well, how will we know that it’s you?

Mints: Because I’ll tell you. Keep your eyes peeled.

Me: Is there anything that you want to share with the readers of my blog? Is there anything you want to tell them?

Mints: I would tell them to care more about pets and animals. We bruise easily. Be more spontaneous. Play like a dog or cat.

Me: Thank you, Mints.

Mints: Thank YOU.

Me: I love you.

Mints: I miss/love you, too.